Yay for garbage men!

I am so happy this morning!!! Maybe it’s because I had gone to work out yesterday again or maybe it’s because my garbage men are awesome!

Before my Mom woke up, I went out to the garage to put all the trash out. The garage door wouldn’t open which freaked me out. I tried it a couple of times and it would start to go up but not keep going and after a few inches, it would just close back down again. I checked to make sure neither of my trash bins were blocking the door and they weren’t. I went into the garage and started to pull things away from near the door to find out if that was the issue. There wasn’t anything touching the door. So then I put my good left foot down on the lowest rung of the door and pushed it all the way to the ground. Then lo and behold, it opened! Thank God too because I didn’t want to try and pull everything around to the front of the garage and then back past my moms minivan to have it out.

The garbage men are so great. Not only did they take all the stuff in both bins which included the hummingbird tree branches I cut down, they took a Christmas tree box filled with garbage plus a bookcase that was so dry rotted that I would never use it again (plus it’s orange and that’s a weird color for a bookcase but I guess it was the style in the 70’s). Plus they got here before my mother could go outside and see what I was throwing out! Woo hoo! Maybe I should just go every Wednesday morning and just start putting stuff out and let them haul it away before she sees what’s out there!

I am putting some things up for sale. All the money will go to fixing the house. I’m just not sure what to post it to. There have been robberies on postings from Craigslist, OfferUp, Facebook Marketplace, and probably others too. I’m not sure if those robberies were because the person was selling electronics or whatever else is worth a lot but it makes me nervous! I know most of my wonderful friends on here are not in Houston but I’ll show you what I’m selling. I hope the pictures are good enough to post for sale! And how much do I ask for everything???

Also this morning, both cats got in my room and decided to find out why the dog was still sleeping. It was so cute in the dark so I took a picture.

I love how her eyes squint when the flash went off! You can see my personal snack pantry I keep in my room too. I can be lazy at times and so can my son so I have our snacks up here plus a mini fridge with drinks since the fridge downstairs is packed full of what I cook and my moms stuff.

She’s back from getting her coffee so I’m going to go down and find out what else I can get ready to throw out and go work out. All I have today is Forgetful so it’s a good day to go to the gym!