Black Friday

Nope, I am definitely not shopping! I stay away from places on this day. What I am going to do should be more fun.

I am going to pick up my friend/sister that I haven’t seen in a few years and we are going to drive to see my biological sister outside Huntsville TX. My niece is pregnant with a baby girl and I got her the cutest University of Houston onesies and a bib. I had a coupon thankfully. The funny part is that she goes to Texas Tech University and I am giving her clothes from a different school. Well, I think it’s funny. My mom said it’s not. Of course, my mom graduated from Tech. And I went to Tech too in 1994 so why not? I’m sure her friends there will give her all kinds of Tech baby stuff.

I haven’t seen my friend in a while or her children. She told her kids I was coming to pick her up and then I got texts from them yesterday saying Happy Thanksgiving. 😂 They grew up calling me Aunt Julie and my son calls them his cousins (one of her son’s shares a birthday with mine too). When she lived closer, I would see her more but now she lives up near Conroe and I don’t usually drive an hour just to hang out for an hour and then have to drive home. This will be more fun. I’m passing by her house anyway (I don’t have to but I obviously am) and then introducing her to part of my biological family that she’s never met since I only met them a few years ago.

Speaking of which, I truly believe they are family. I’m wondering how accurate a DNA test would be on a half sister. Does it tell us that we both have the same mother? Is it worth the cost to find out something we already (think we) know? Thoughts?

I had my nails painted on Wednesday for the holiday. It’s the same color I did last Christmastime called Santa’s Snow. I think it was more appropriate for Thanksgiving though.

We went to my cousins house for dinner yesterday. One of my cousins didn’t come down from Austin so I missed her. My cousin came down from Dallas and the other 2 sibling cousins both live here. My oldest male cousin grilled me all through dinner about keto. He is very into health. He’s thin, he works out, and he’s very private (he’s not on any social media) but he wanted to know all my personal details about it. That was fine. I told him. I also told him to email me or text me if he wants. It doesn’t bother me, mostly because he’s family but also because I remember when we were growing up, he was always nice to me which I can’t say for some of our other cousins.

My son had a good time. We walked to their house (about 3/4 of a mile from us), and my cousin decided to show us he could jump 5 people on his bike after we ate. So the kids laid down in the road along with his mother, and he jumped them (mine was in the middle so I wasn’t worried).

All and all, we had a good time. I took the mac and cheese and nobody ate it. That was frustrating. And my son left for home walking before I was ready to leave so that was irritating. But it’s okay. We are all healthy and happy. I was NOT keto yesterday. I ate a little bit of everything and it was really tasty!

I hope everyone has a great day!

Happy Turkey Day!

Seriously, Happy Thanksgiving to all readers that celebrate it.

We celebrate this holiday each year and unfortunately, not enough people know the true story that happened on the first Thanksgiving in America. Here’s one link from Google to a Time Magazine article about it. eReal Thanksgiving

I’m picking up our food at 8am and of course, my mother already changed our plans without asking me. Now I have to go sit and deal with my uppity cousins for a few hours to eat lunch. I thought I was done with all that when I became an adult! Oh well. I told my son’s father that my mom changed our plans so my son will come with us. He has never met some of these cousins so he really needs to. That’s the only reason I agreed to go. My parents made me go to my cousins every year growing up and since I didn’t get along with most of them, I hung out with my boy cousin while the girls made fun of me for preferring to spend time with him. He and I had a blast playing with toys I didn’t have at my house like Legos and the game Risk. I only had dolls and stuff that went with them (Barbie Dream House anyone?) plus stuffed animals. So I stopped going as soon as I could (I think I was 18). This will be the first time in 26 years. Geez. I’ll have to update later!

Otherwise, I plan on watching Netflix and relaxing all day. What are you doing today?

Hey y’all!

Good morning! I am already working as usual on Saturday mornings. Taking “not Stinky” (I really need a new name for her) to get her hair done and run errands. Then I go see Sleepy for 4 hours and then to see Forgetful for an hour. That’s today. I’m off tomorrow and I promised my son I would cook so he would have good food this week.

When I was trying to figure out who my biological parents were, I found a man that could have been my father. We did a dna test and he’s not but we became buddies until such time as he would scream and yell at me every time I called him about how I’m raising my son, why I don’t call more, etc etc. I blocked his number and told him why I wasn’t going to talk to him. Well, today is his birthday so I’m trying to figure out if I should risk calling him. It’s been a few months since I’ve spoken with him. What do you guys think? I figure I have over 200 readers so I could get a few viewpoints on this!

Yesterday, the stress test machine broke right as my client was supposed to be tested so it ended up being a really long day, 7 hours with her and then an hour and a half with Forgetful. No fun.

I had a chance to sit down with my mother this morning. She was talking about the holidays. She wants us to hang out with her all day and possibly go to the movies. I tried to explain why I don’t go to the movies anymore (anxiety in crowds) but she heard money and almost shouts that she would pay “of course”. That’s NOT the issue although I don’t like paying $20 just to see a movie when I can wait a couple months and it’s free online (Netflix or HBO). So now she wants me to think of something we can do as a family for after we eat. God help me. I’ve never been especially close to my mother, I was always a Daddy’s girl and would watch football sitting next to him all day. I don’t know what to do with her! And my son definitely doesn’t want to hang out with grandma all day. Ideas?

I’m sleeping in my box, leave me alone!

So that’s it. Just questions, no answers today. I hope you guys have a wonderful, enjoyable, lazy Saturday!