Saturday and really should study

I didn’t wake up until 8:30am and that felt so nice (especially since I didn’t go to sleep until after 1am)! I was lazy for a bit. I finally got in the shower around 10. My sons friend got here at 11 (I LOVE being asked if a friend can come over about 10 minutes before they get here 🙄). We all packed in the car and went to therapy at noon. I went to speak with the psychologist first. I had him sign my copy of his book too.

I told him what’s been going on in my world. 1. I haven’t had a cigarette in over 3 weeks.

2. My mother is dating AND going to a grief group (pick one please 🙄). 3. My ex is afraid he’s going to jail because of non payment of child support (he was warned a year ago that if he missed payments he would be going 😬). 4. My sons grades went from mostly A’s with a B or 2 to mostly B’s with an A or 2. 5. I am looking for a regular job again.

Then my son talked to him. 1. He wants to get in the special high school so he is bringing his grades back up. 2. He has a girlfriend (how do 13 year olds actually date?). 3. He hates everyone but puts up with them so he’s not alone. 4. He is doing his chores like I ask and listening (which is amazing to me).

I took my son and his friend for ice cream after and ate some too. I got a small scoop of chocolate ice cream. My son got a huge cone and his friend got the big cup of blue ice cream. You see they both have their phones out. Kids these days!

When we got back home, I didn’t want to study yet so I went to the gym. I did 30 minutes on the treadmill walking and running, 30 minutes on the elliptical, and 15 minutes on the stationary bike. When I was completely worn out, I walked home.

Then it was study time, right? NOPE! 2 other friends of my child showed up so I ordered pizza for dinner for all of us. I ate my cheese pizza.

I talked to BFF for like an hour. Now I’m writing this. When am I going to get the 3 chapters that are due on Monday done? Umm…one tonight and 2 tomorrow? Maybe. Hopefully. Thank goodness I don’t have my other class work due this coming week!!!

The issue I have tomorrow is I have to grocery shop, cook, work out again (I DID eat pizza tonight), and get ready for the week doing laundry and dishes and stuff. So I should have done this today. Oh well. I have until 11:59pm on Monday. Maybe I will do one today, one tomorrow, and one Monday? LOL I just love Anatomy 🤣.

It’s 8:30pm so I better get going on the parts of a cell!

No meeting 😀

You guys will not believe this! It’s absolutely awesome and crazy at the same time.

We went to therapy today. At the psychologist’s office, this man saved my son. I went in his office first and told him how my ex said he was coming over today and everything I told y’all this morning. He agrees to never ask a teenager that question too!

Come to find out, I don’t have to let my ex come to my house. We can meet him somewhere and only do a short visit. Psychologist suggestion for today – my son said he was hungry and wanted quesadillas anyway. Have my ex meet us at the place my son likes. So while I was in the psychologists office, I text my ex. He didn’t answer for 30 minutes but finally said “Ugh” as his reply.

We get to the Mexican place. My son orders his quesadillas and I get nachos and a beer since I was going to have to deal with my ex.

image from Taco Bell but that is NOT where we go!

My ex text a little while later saying he was leaving from the other side of town right then. We were half done with our lunch by then! I tell him that we are leaving soon and his son is going to a friends house. Now my ex says he is coming next week. I replied that we will work something out. So I sent all of the texts to the psychologist and he is going to write me a letter saying that he can only meet his father outside the house. He called our house my sons “safe place” and that since my son does not like his father, he should not have to have his father in his safe place.

I am happy about this. I don’t like that my ex comes over here and is either sleeping in my child’s room or is roughhousing (wrestling) with my son who doesn’t like it. I also think this is a better option than what my son wants to do which is petition the court to not have to see him at all. I think that would hurt them both in the long run. I can’t wait to see if this works out better.

I started my paper for nutrition as well today. It needs to be 3 pages and I am on page 2 so I sent some follow up questions to the dietician so I can make my paper longer. I made sure they were based on what she already answered so I can just add them in to what I already have. I still have 9 days to turn it in so I’m doing fine. I want to finish it quick because I have the nutrition exam on Thursday and my next math exam on Saturday. Yes, you read that correctly, Saturday. That was the only available time to schedule my test by the time I realized I needed to. Yuck! Oh well, all I have after that is the final exam so I’m getting excited for the end of this semester!

Have a great Saturday night and Sunday! Chat with y’all later!

Saturday and goals 😀

What a good day! First I want to talk to you guys about my goals and I hope you will share yours in the comments.

Weight goals: I have mini goals. For March, I wanted to lose 5 pounds. I’ve lost 1.4 and it’s halfway through the month. That’s still about 1/2 a pound a week so I’m okay with that. Will I get to my goal? I don’t know! Is it okay if I don’t hit that goal? Definitely! At the end of November 2017, I weighed 221.8. Yesterday on my weekly weigh day, I was 206. You will NOT hear me complain. I have come too far to quit. By my birthday, I want to weigh in the 100’s. I don’t care if I am at 199, as long as I am there by the end of June (my birthday is on the 27th). That’s still 3 months away and that would only be a loss of 2 pounds per month. I should crush that goal!

Another goal is measurements. I want to be in a size large instead of extra large soon. I will have to lose enough inches to do that. 10 maybe? It’s definitely doable. I mean come on! In November I was wearing a 2X shirt and after 4 months, I’m in a 1X! So I know I can do this. How many do I actually need to lose? I don’t know and it doesn’t matter. I will know how I’m doing when I can put on a large and it fits like the extra large does now, comfortable and not tight at all.

Another goal is food. This is my hardest goal. I need to drink and eat less sugar. That’s number one and I am going to work on that in April. I have (for the most part – there are days like yesterday when I felt like I needed the boost) already cut back to one energy drink a day and only have 16 left in the fridge that will be gone by the beginning of April. I am also drinking a TON more water during the day (8 today) and then having one more soda at dinner so I have cut WAY back (6 to 2 in the past 4 months). And desserts, cookies, pie, cake, etc that taste OH SO GOOD I need to cut back on as well. I say cut back because there will always be times when you go to a party and eat cake or bake cookies for an event and eat a few. I make things myself so they aren’t as bad as eating desserts out at restaurants but all that sugar is still not good! If my weekly cheat meal is a package of cookies, that is enough sugar for the whole month, not a meal!

For March, my goal was to eat more food and drink less calories. I believe I have accomplished that 16 out of 30 days (so far). Next month, I will be focusing on eating less sugar as well as drinking less.

It’s all about the tiny goals y’all. Small changes add up to big results!

Oh man yesterday was good. I woke up early and lounged around for about 3 hours after weighing myself and doing my best not to get down about the tiny weight gain. Then I got dressed, took the dog out for a walk, and then took my son to therapy. Then the gym. I’ve been at home doing Zumba for a couple of days and that’s great but I wanted to get back in the gym. Since my doctor took my insoles to be changed for the ever changing foot issues, I was worried about my feet hurting (no insoles equals flat feet while working out). That’s why I’ve been doing stuff at home. On carpet I don’t feel like I will hurt my feet nearly as bad as on machines at the gym.

So I did 30 minutes on the treadmill walking and running. Those little spikes are me running at 5mph which I am VERY proud of! I ran 8 out of 30 minutes today!!! I’ll be ready to run a 5K by summertime and that excites me. I also went into the steam room (NOT a sauna). It was too much after 30 seconds so I had to leave. I had already had 6 cups of water when I went to the gym and 2 more while working out and I was sweating for 30 minutes AFTER my workout! Yes, my feet and hips hurt a little when I left, that’s why I didn’t stay and do any other exercises.

Then I went home and watched the rest of 7 seconds. Then I watched Amanda and Jack go Glamping which was kind of stupid but after that heartbreaking show, I needed something stupid.

I decided to eat cereal for dinner. It went down way too fast and easy. That’s one of the reasons that I am stopping all this sugar. It goes down so easy and then you are hungry again in an hour or 2. That’s okay. I didn’t eat anything else, I went to bed around 1am. I took some Advil for my hip and watched movies on Netflix. I watched People Like Us and also The Gift. I loved People Like Us. It was totally different than most things out these days. Again, I LOVE Jason Bateman so The Gift was good to me. It’s a psychological thriller and I love that genre! It was either watch movies or go to the bar for beers and I didn’t want to do that.

Everyone have a great Sunday. I will be going to the gym today. Sticking to the bike though. I can’t afford to get hurt or sick again!

What a long day!

So! I believe I got food poisoning from my dinner out last night. I was throwing up half the night. I finally got some sleep around 11:30pm. I woke up at 4:45am to use the bathroom (the other half of food poisoning) and I just stayed awake because I needed to wake up at 5:30am anyway to make sure I have time to wash my hair and dry it.

We left here at 7am. Dropped my son off at school. Picked up Mr. 95 year old and took him to work. Came back to my moms. Started laundry. Came to my house to make sure it was clean enough for people to come look at it today. I took my precious little dog back to my moms to throw clothes in the dryer. I wanted to leave her there while I went to a job but the cats had cornered her within 2 minutes and she was crying and howling for help so I just took her with me.

The couple I drive didn’t mind that I had her. I left her in their patio (air conditioned too!) while I took the man to the bank and the grocery store. I came back within an hour (he gave me money and the grocery list and let me go get the stuff so it was MUCH faster than normal), grabbed the dog and the one hour of pay that I made, and took off. Back to my moms to pick up laundry first. The dog came upstairs with me to stay away from the cats. Back to my house to put clothes away and leave her at home since the realtor had already been by. Then back to pick up Mr. 95 year old at work.

After I dropped him off, I picked my son up at school early since he has therapy today (actually now). Drove to his therapist office. Thankfully I get to sit here until they are done. Then I will take him home and go pick up Mr. 95 year old and his “lady friend” to go to dinner. So my day will not end until around 9pm tonight. Pretty sure I will just pass out when I do get home.

I have a job at 8am tomorrow morning with stinky but only for an hour to take her to her hair dresser. Then someone is supposed to come pick up this bed that I would just be throwing away if nobody wanted it. Hopefully they will show up (it’s free so why wouldn’t they?).

Then back to pick up stinky and take her to get groceries and then home. Then I will finally get a break until 3pm when I go meet a new client. Then back to take Mr. 95 year old to dinner again.

OH! My ex that bought my car and is still paying on it is coming to my moms to drag furniture out and around for me in exchange for not having to make a payment this month. I told him that I need a good 5 hours of work in exchange for a car payment too. That would be $20 an hour so I think that’s fair! I don’t think it will take that long but I’m pretty sure my Mom will come up with stuff for him to help with. She doesn’t mind if he comes over since he was there to help my Dad when he fell before he got too sick to get out of bed.

BUSY weekend! I can’t wait to get a day off all to myself. When that will happen, who knows! 😀

AND one more thing. My arms are healing nicely. I just wanted to show you how well.

Have a great weekend guys!