So tired yet again

It has been a crazy couple of days!

Monday – 4 hours of errands with Miss Priss. I came home, got out the Christmas tree (the cats seem to love the bag we keep it in) and met with my moms friend to put the lights on our Christmas tree.

Picked up my son and his friend at school and then home to just talk to Cranky’s son and bake gingerbread men cookies. Recipe is from AllRecipes and it turned out great! So great that when I had a couple of broken men, I had to eat them to put them out of their misery. I ate 3 of them. 😂

Today – oh man what a day! I left the house at 8am to go to the hospital. I sat in traffic and finally got to the medical center at 9, drove around the garage for 15 minutes looking for parking, then had to go find Cranky’s room. I stayed there and got to speak to the doctor. She has bacterial pneumonia.

Her son flew down to check on her so when he arrived at the hospital, I took his caregiver to go get her car from her dealership where she was having it fixed. I got home at 2pm and left soon after to pick my son up at school. Then Cranky’s son called to ask me to pick up her prescriptions from the hospital because they were sending her home. So I left again as soon as I dropped off my child, took care of that, and came back home at 5pm.

The caregiver called and said that Cranky is bringing home oxygen and would I meet her there to help her get everything upstairs. So I went back to Cranky’s, got her wheelchair, and went down to wait on them. One of Cranky’s church friends showed up while I was waiting. I didn’t know somebody else was coming! When the caregiver got there, we unpacked everything and went upstairs to her place. The valet guys helped immensely too! I didn’t realize how much they sent her home with. So much stuff.

Cranky’s church friend then went and got us all dinner from Luby’s cafeteria. Cranky got chicken, the caregiver got liver and onions, and I got my favorite fried fish. While we were waiting for her to come back, a guy showed up to deliver an oxygen machine. He got her all set up, I signed my life away for it (sarcasm is awesome), and Cranky’s son and I text back and forth about a hospital bed rental. I will call around in the morning and see if I can get one delivered there tomorrow. We are afraid she will try to get up in the middle of the night and fall so this will help. Her legs are very weak and she can’t stand for long. She is going to complain like crazy if we take her bed away from her. I am not looking forward to this!

I honestly hope all of this equipment is not permanent. I really do love Cranky like a second mother (helps that I’ve known her over 30 years). I hate that she needs all this and is so confused. She said she is going to kill her son for moving her stuff again (she moved into her apartment a year and a half ago though). She wouldn’t listen to me about that. She said she carpooled me to school which is how she knows me. She usually calls me her neighbor. Her son said to just say she’s my aunt. He’s probably right, that’s easier. Maybe she can remember that too.

I am finally home at 9pm and tired!!! I’m about to go to bed. I’m sure I will need to go back over there tomorrow and give her caregiver a break after spending 2 full days with Cranky being sick and having to sleep in the hospital. I haven’t even started studying for my math final yet and it’s in 5 days!!! Eek!!!

Have a good night. I’m going to go catch some 💤 ‘s.

Too early

I hit over 500 likes yesterday and just want to say thank you. I enjoy telling you what’s going on in my little world.

So I have a job at 7am today. I have to take this man to the airport so he can go see his great grand baby in Wisconsin. My son is not thrilled because that means he has to catch a ride with someone else. He has choices too. He said he would rather I drop him off at 6:30am at school than take a ride from his friends Mom. That’s a bit weird so I still said no and told him his grandmother can take him and then he really rolled his eyes! Too bad! I don’t like to think of my child being by himself at a school when it’s still dark outside!

So I had to get up early. Thank goodness for WordPress! I’ve been catching up on my reading and looking at great pictures and stories to wake me up and get me going. My son just came in here screaming at me and even cussed because I forgot to put my freezer pack in the freezer last night. Too bad! Use yours! It’s too early to deal with that.

So I’m not sure about what’s going on so I thought I would ask a lot of other people that aren’t doctors. 😂 I keep almost falling asleep (even when driving! 😳), stuffy head, runny nose, and no energy. I take my Zyrtec daily too (that’s over the counter allergy medicine). I feel worn down all the time and I stopped taking Hydroxycut because i didn’t like how it made me feel after just 2 days. If you guys haven’t noticed, I don’t stop much. I’m very busy and like being that way. When I get truly sick, I still try and take my DayQuil and get something done! This could be the changing of the seasons, allergies, or it could be something like chronic fatigue. Who knows! But when you are driving for a living, wanting an almost falling asleep while behind the wheel is NOT good! Thoughts?

So I get my 6-8 hours of sleep and then wake up and get moving. I have a lot to do today like usual. Airport ride, doctor ride for stinky, go by my moms, then go pay my caregivers. It’s going to be a long Thursday! I hope you all have a great day!