Kansas weekend

I left early Saturday morning and flew to Kansas to see one of my best friends and my cousin. It was my cousins birthday and he invited me to see the Astros kick the Royals butt! AND no kid!!! He stayed home with my mom while I did a weekend getaway. 😀

Saturday I went to lunch with my friends family. It was so nice to see everyone!

I didn’t get a pic with Dad but that’s okay. He’s not much of a picture person anyway.

We then drove to meet my cousins at this Tiki Bar called Tikicat. It’s in downtown KC. It’s in the basement of another restaurant called HopCat and it’s like a speakeasy or something. It was really cool. I didn’t take any photos because it didn’t seem like I was supposed to. We met my cousins and one of their friends there and had weird drinks. They all tasted pretty good though! This is from their website.

Then my friends boyfriend dropped us off at the hotel to meet my cousins and go to the game. We had great seats and drank a lot while having a great time!

That last photo is my cousin having a great birthday!

My friend and I went back to her place and passed out after walking to her friends house after the game and going to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings at 1am. We woke up the next day and met my cousins for brunch. Biscuits made out of what I think was filo dough? Yes please! It was called The Distrikt Biskuit House and it was sooooo good!

My friend and I then went shopping and walked around downtown. We took a photo at the fountain where we had taken one before 5 years ago. Check out how we have changed!

Then I went to the airport and flew home Sunday evening. My flight home was packed with Astros fans and was a great flight. Southwest is still my favorite airline!!! The next day I wore my KC shirt to work.

That’s my weekend!

Hugs to all!!!

Good day

Yeah, not much to tell since I posted 3 times yesterday!!!

Today was good. I had to go to school for my first class and since there was a football game today, they took away most of the student parking for visitors so I had to park across campus but hey, more exercise for me, right??? I did hit my 30 minutes of exercise although I did not go to the gym for any formal exercise.

After anatomy class this morning, I went with this guy to our professors office to talk to him about the exam on Monday. We are all about the same age and all parents so we were probably having way too much fun chatting because before we knew it, 30 minutes had passed and there were 2 kids waiting for us to finish. We did talk about the exam, he gave us a study idea that I will put into place over the weekend.

I then went to lunch with Ms. 18 at the dorms. I had chicken and broccoli with a peanut butter cookie. It was SO good – maybe because it was free!!! She and I talked about Halloween and how I need to dress up and she will find us a party to go to. Umm, I don’t know about that! This is what I want to dress up like.

Then we walked over to the health center and I made a checkup appointment there for next week. It’s not that I need it. Going to my regular doctor would cost me $99 and at school it will only cost me $20 and I can tell her all my issues and hopefully have cheaper prescriptions at school too.

Speaking of issues! The plastic surgeon called me back!!!

I go to see her in January!!! We talked about costs and oh boy. My “guess” of $35,000 was right!!! I can’t believe how much it costs to have surgery! This is why I started the gofundme though. I am asking you guys, please, share my gofundme link to your social media! I can’t get to my goal without your help (note I am not asking y’all specifically to help – only if you can afford it and believe in me – which you better!) 🤣🤣🤣


I came home at 12:30 and played my phone game before I had to get online to have my math lecture. Even my professor didn’t want to deal with school traffic today. He got online and we had to participate if we were on so he knew we were actually there and not just logged in. I was definitely there. We are doing functions! Eek!!!

Photo from joe champion website

My friend is awesome. I have to tell you. She said she wanted her kid to go to the same concert my son wants to go to so I bought the tickets and she brought me the cash tonight to pay me back already! She invited me to go trick or treating with them on Halloween so I wouldn’t have to deal with a party. Plus she said she would share my gofundme on her Facebook. What would I do without her? She’s my gym buddy, my neighbor, and our boys are friends (most of the time). She and her family may move out of Texas next summer too. I will be crying. It will be sad for us!

BFF is sick and in the hospital. This poor woman has nothing but bad luck! At least this time her entire family was there so it’s not just her word against the idiots at the hospital where she lives. Not that those people are idiots, not at all. I just don’t like people saying that it must not have happened because there’s no evidence of it “now”. 🙄

My other friend and her family are going to the homeland next week. It’s her second trip to Israel and I am so happy she gets to go again. I wish I could go! I have never been outside North America. Someday guys, someday!

That’s about it. I hope you’re having a good Monday or Tuesday (depending on where you live). TTYL!

Great end to the week

Well crap. My son is sick again. 100.3 temperature last night. We are going to his doctor today. Thank God they are open on a Sunday!

So I went to the gym yesterday again like I said I would. I was not excited that I barely burned 200 calories on the elliptical in 30 minutes. I was on level 6 too.I guess I am in better shape than I feel like! Then 20 minutes on the stationary bike. I was planning on doing 30 minutes on each but my back started to hurt so I quit for the day. I don’t want to be hurt all the time. I plan to go back today too. I may just run a bit on the treadmill or do the bike. In order to not be stuck at the same weight next week, I am going to try my best to be on point all week. Not sure yet what I am going to do for exercise but I definitely want to go!I am out of cooked food from the week (we didn’t eat the chicken and the meatloaf muffins were too delicious to pass up all week). My Mom went out and got Popeye’s chicken for dinner so that was a great treat. One of the reasons I appreciate my stomach surgery is that I can’t eat much so one chicken thigh and I’m done. 280 calories for dinner? Yes please! I don’t know what to make this week. I’ve asked my mom and my son and they both say they don’t know either. 🙄

Calories were on point too.

So I looked at where I started at in November of 2017 and I’m so excited to have come so far! I know that I will continue to do my new health/life plan and will have my weight where I want it by the time this year is over.

I watched Emily Owens MD on Netflix yesterday. It was a cute show. I wonder what I will watch next!

I talked to my sick child this evening about our vacation this year. I think I want to take him to New York this summer. I haven’t been since I was 14 and obviously he’s never been. His friends in his school band are going this week and will be performing at Carnegie Hall. I’m so happy for them! He’s a bit jealous but I think that we will have a better time doing what we want and not on a schedule with 100 other kids.

Today shall be interesting. It’s already 80 degrees here and hot upstairs in our house. I think I am going to have the a/c guys check on why it’s freezing downstairs and hot as fire upstairs when they come next month. Have a wonderful relaxing Sunday.