What can I say

Styled went to the dentist and must be doing a better job because she doesn’t have to go back for another 3 months.

Today I take Styled to get her hair done and Ms. Sick to get her hair done. At the same place. At different times. I also have to take Styled to the bank and grocery store. I will also take Ms. Sick to get her dinner and groceries. It’s going to be a LONG day with these two but hey, tomorrow is payday for both as well. That’s a good thing!

photo by Derbyshire community bank

I still haven’t cleaned the cooler or gotten the condiments and drinks. Looks like I have a lot to do before the party on Saturday morning. I text and told the therapist we wouldn’t be there on Saturday, I called Xfinity and saved my Mom $20 a month on her bill for cable and internet plus got her Starz which she said she needs for some show she likes, and I called the title company about getting the title for my Dad’s car and they are sending my mom a letter stating there is no lien and to have the state issue her the title. I paid the maid for my mom and the maid left me an invitation to her daughters birthday party. She will be 15 and that is a big deal in her culture so they are throwing a huge party. I think it would be fun to go. The only problem I can foresee is that I don’t know enough Spanish to talk to everyone! I had to have a friend translate the invitation. So yeah, either I brush up on my Spanish or I will just send a check for her. They are a very nice family and they are hard workers. I’m lucky to have met this woman!

photo by google images

Today is also the last day for finals at my sons school. My question is this: WHY is there school next week? Finals are done, they aren’t learning anything new, why does he have to go sit there Tuesday through Friday? He’s already cleaned out his backpack for the year and has summer on the brain. So do I but that’s beside the point! Lol

photo by her campus

Last night I received the tools to put the tv on the wall. Anyone reading this in Houston that can help me get it put up? I’ll pay!

I gotta get out of bed and start laundry so I have something to wear to work today. Y’all have a great day!!!

Saturday plan

I actually did my hair yesterday before I went to volunteer so I wanted to share a decent picture of myself!

So with the 4 jobs I have today I had to make a plan.

I have to take a woman and drop her at her hairdressers at 8. Since she won’t be done until around 10:30, I figure I will go see my 2nd person while I’m waiting. All I have to do with the 2nd person is put her medicine in her container and make sure she’s okay. Then I will go pick up the 1st person and take her home.

I have to take the 3rd person to the grocery store for the 2nd time this week at 1. He will take about 2 hours to get groceries. I get a LOT of exercise when I take him to the store. He uses his scooter and I chase after him with a cart. I may have an hour between these 2 jobs so I should have time to come home for lunch. Hopefully anyway! If not, I’ll be at a grocery store so I can get something there too.

My last job is not until 6:15 where I’ll take this sweet elderly couple to dinner. They are going to a restaurant right by a Luby’s cafeteria so I can definitely get dinner while I wait if I want to spend $10 that is. I may have to use my time between the last 2 jobs to come home and make a dinner to take with me.

So it’s going to be a busy day! Tomorrow is my off day. I’ll need it after today too. Of course I need to cook and clean tomorrow too so I’m not sure if it’s really an “off” day. My son told me that he is looking forward to having a day to himself and since I will be checking in between jobs, I will know he is okay. I found a recipe I want to try and it seems pretty easy and sounds tasty. The recipes are on AllRecipes if you want to look them up too! I’ve made the meatloaf muffins before, they are yummy. I’m looking for a side dish, I haven’t decided what to make yet but I’ll come up with something good.

Last night, I got off work and thought about going to get a beer and watch the end of the baseball game at the local bar. I didn’t because I prefer to keep as much of the money I make in my pocket and not just give it away. Beer at a bar is SO much more expensive than buying some at the store and having one at home. I didn’t do that either, I was just thinking. And the Astros are doing SO well this year so I can watch that on tv so yeah, I saved the money.

When I got home last night at 8, I asked my son if he had walked the dog. He said yes. Well, he was busted about 10 seconds later when I walked into the bathroom and saw that the dog pooped in there. So he got up and took the dog out after he cleaned up the bathroom. I asked him why does he bother to lie to me when he always gets busted. He says, “I don’t know, I’m sorry.” Kiddo, no more!!!!

I woke up at 5am thinking it was 7. Since I have to leave the house at 7:30, I was freaking out until I saw what time it was. So now I’m taking my time. I am charging my Fitbit and my phone (which died overnight so I’m glad I woke up early), and watching this show Flipping Vegas. It’s on A&E if you want to look it up. It’s alright for a flip show. This guy gets really pissed all the time and yells at people a LOT.

Have a great Saturday everyone!