Hey you guys. I was working every day the past few weeks before I went on vacation. I took my son to Boulder, CO to visit his close friend that just moved there at the beginning of July.

First, the view outside their house is so amazing!

I went hiking for 3 hours.

I also took a Lyft to the Coors Brewing Company, stood in line for an hour to get in.

I finally got to go inside and found it’s a self guided tour with headphones. I finally got to go have my samples and they didn’t even have Coors Extra Gold. So sad!!!

When I got back to their house, I took the boys to downtown Denver.

I wanted to take them to 16th street mall to people watch and find my son a hoodie but it started raining and the buses weren’t running correctly because it was a Sunday so we ended up just going to get dinner at a restaurant near the Rockies stadium where the boys both had cheeseburgers with pepper jack cheese and then ordering a Lyft back to Boulder. I think I spent $100 on Lyft rides alone but better than renting a car for $120 a day!

I ended up walking over 10 miles on Sunday!!! So Monday we didn’t do much other than go to downtown Boulder and went shopping. We found my son his hoodie at the North Face store so he was happy.

We had to leave and go back home today and I really wasn’t ready but knew it was time. We got home, picked up the dogs from the neighbors, unpacked, and now I’m in bed.

I hope you guys have been well. I’m sorry I’m a bad friend that doesn’t log on much anymore. This working 32 hours a week at a job and driving clients as well as taking my son to his appointments and Japanese tutoring has me very busy! Chat soon!!!

Traveling day and the next day

What a great day today!

Yesterday was just so awful with my son screaming, the airport doing that, and the hotel putting us in a one bed room with a crappy view in the oldest un-updated part of the hotel. My son had to make a makeshift bed out of the room chairs because he says he is too old to sleep in the same bed with his mom.

We had the worst view too! And the windows were really dirty but it has been raining off and on from what I heard so I won’t hold that against the hotel.

The hallway reminded me of The Shining (with Jack Nicholson). Creepy! And we had a corner room where we could hear everyone walking by.

The front desk guy was so nice though! He got me 2 free drinks, said he would change our room today (it came through at 5pm), and he and I chatted for like an hour.

I put $15 in a slot machine. I lost $12 and then won $10 so I quit right then ending up with only a $2 loss. I’m not crazy! I had 2 beers free (thanks Joey) and paid for one. I was tipsy and finally went back to the room at 5am which is 7am back home. I slept until 10 and then packed up, got my son up, and we took off.

We drove to Hoover Dam and parked on the top floor of the garage there. We took the stairs down, walked one end to the other of the dam (it’s NOT as big as I thought it would be) and then walked back on the other side. Then we drove back to Vegas.

We went by the Fashion Mall in Vegas and my son saw a Hot Topic so we went in. They had hoodies on sale “buy one, get one for $5” so he grabbed 2. We were looking for a snack because we were meeting Hunida for dinner but couldn’t find anything until we saw a Godiva store. I ended up getting macaroons dipped in multiple kinds of chocolate and he got chocolate pops dipped in sprinkles.

We had a great time with Hunida and her boyfriend at dinner and after too! I told her we should do a post together of that so sorry guys, that will be in a different post. We are supposed to get together Tuesday to ride the hotel’s roller coaster before we have to go to the airport.

Thanks to her boyfriend for taking that one! When we got back to the hotel, we got the new room cards and it is so much better!

Today was a great day! I hope y’all had a good day too. Chat later!

Day 3

I’m home!!! I weighed in for my official one month weigh in!

Yesterday was BORING. We woke up. My son’s friend and B went to Walmart to return the air mattress and pump and get breakfast. Why it took an hour and a half I have NO clue! We had to have the boys at the water park before 10 and they didn’t get back until after 9! So my son and I had already cleaned and packed our stuff and had to wait on them. We were starving by the time they got back too. They didn’t get me anything so I just ate my son’s sausage off his pancake platter. I had to eat something!

We got to the park at exactly 10am and waited on the party. They were a bit behind but that was a good thing since we were too! She changed her mind last minute about giving my son’s friend a ticket so I had to buy his. 😡 Those tickets were $52.99! Whatever. They all went in. She called me soon after asking if he had taken one of her tickets because she was missing one. WTH woman? I spent all that money and then you want to say we stole one of yours??? I should have text her my receipt. That pissed me off. I am not like that.

So I took B home and we put everything into my car and I took off back to Galveston with the dog. I went into the Whataburger drive through since I had her. I was so hungry! I got a kids burger and ate it with no bun after waiting for them to go kill a cow, process the meat, and make the patty (it took 10 minutes to get my little burger).

Amber and I drive down to the island. I don’t know where to go or what to do and was so tired, I parked in the water park parking lot and sat. For 5 hours. No bathroom, no food, just my a/c going and Netflix on my phone. Okay, after 2 hours, I went to this pet store a few miles down the road and the guy in there let me use his nasty bathroom even though he wasn’t supposed to. I bought Amber some treats because that was really nice of him. And I ate some sunflower seeds that were in a baggie in my trunk (I had brought them with me on the trip). But that’s it in 5 hours!

The boys finally came out right at 5pm. We took off and stopped at Bucee’s for snacks, bathroom, and to let Amber pee. If you are ever in Texas, stop at Bucee’s. I love that place! I got some Aloe Vera Gel as both boys were sunburnt from hell as well as some cheese cubes and a protein bar. Plus I got to relieve myself, finally! Then the boys went in and got what they wanted. My son got dippin dots ice cream and his friend got some thing for your phone that you stick on the back and can hold it that way. Whatever that is.

We get back on the road and get an invitation to go to a pool, cookout, astros game on tv July 4th party from my son’s friends mom. Cool. That sounds fun. We get home and drop my son’s friend off at his other friends house and get home at 7pm. As I am unpacking the car, my mom pulls up.

She realized that she forgot my birthday last week and hands me a card with a visa gift card inside. That was nice. I told her that’s why I had booked the trip and she says OOH! 🙄 I got everything put away and finally got to come into my room to relax. I watched an episode of Luke Cage and passed out by 10:30pm after eating a leftover burger patty with a slice of cheddar cheese on it. I had way too much protein yesterday but I didn’t care. Too tired!

My official weigh in. If you remember, I was 182 on May 31st. This morning, I am 170.6. What??? Holy crap! That’s awesome! Keto works! I’m only 4.4 pounds from being out of the overweight BMI! I am so excited and happy about this! Especially after having such a frustrating weekend! I didn’t really exercise yesterday obviously. But that’s okay. I had walked 15,088 steps on day 2!

I only have one job and it’s not until this afternoon. So why am I awake so early? Who knows! How was your weekend? If you are in America, do you have plans for Independence Day?

Day 2

We woke up at 6:30 and was out the door at 7am to walk to a grocery store that had dental adhesive since I forgot mine (that’s a necessity for me). We walked 2 miles. One mile down the road to the place and a mile back on the beach.

OMG. Let me start off by saying what a damn morning yesterday was after that! B was tired and cranky and took it out on me. We got the kids to the water park, not before he was screaming at me to get out of the car because he passed by where a drop off place was and I mentioned that we could have stopped there. Then we went to Walmart, twice. He returned the cooler he had bought (for no reason since I had already brought one), I had forgotten to get the beach towels so we had to go back.

We come back to the house and go to the beach for 2 1/2 hours. I took Amber into the water walking and a wave went over her so she got soaked. She was NOT happy about that!She got to share a snow cone with B too. I gave her a bath when we got back. B falls asleep in a patio chair and tells me to take his SUV to pick up the boys. My son’s friend told B (on day 1) that my son had been kicked out of their other friends house for being disrespectful. Since I had never heard that, I text the kids Dad (same one that sent his son to the hotel and expected me to watch him). He text me back and said only the first time my son was over there and it was because he was cussing – not being disrespectful. So then I was upset at my son’s friend for lying about what had actually happened and B for agreeing with this kid and not standing up for my son when he’s supposed to be my bestie.

I go and get them at the park. I only had to wait about 5 minutes for them to come to the gate (thankfully). They had spent their $20 each during the 6 hours they were there and were starving. We came home and B started up the grill. 20 minutes later (at 5:15pm), the boys get their burgers. Then I have to wait until he does the steaks which he then said the grill sucks so it will take a long time. He had me do the asparagus. Finally, at 6:30pm, I get to eat. Asparagus with garlic and butter and some Japanese steak that he said cost $80 a piece (I looked at the package – they were $30 a piece). I mean, really? Why lie? What’s the point? 😤 The steak was alright, then again, I’m not a big steak person. Whatever though. I was too hungry to care. All I had before that was literally one serving of peanuts, one serving of walnuts, and a tiny can of chicken spread.

B and my son’s friend took off to the beach after dinner leaving me and my son at the house. Good. I needed a shower without 3 men in the house and my son took a shower after the water park and didn’t want to get sandy or wet again. I don’t blame him. We did not go down to the beach for fireworks at 9pm (they were having a 4th of July party a bit early). I didn’t care. I didn’t want to go out after my shower and really didn’t want to have to put on bug spray again.

This morning, we will drop the boys back at the water park for a birthday party and then B will drive home to his place with me. Then, I will get my car and drive back to the water park to help out the other mother and be here to drive these 2 boys home. I am ready for the weekend to be over with these 2. Next time, I am only bringing my son on vacation.

I honestly had a good weekend, I just hate when people are rude or lie. I didn’t want to leave, I just wanted them gone. Yesterday I walked over 14,000 steps. I wonder how many I will get today?

Day 1

I love the beach! Not as much as I love the mountains though.

We got here around 2pm and the owner let us come in an hour early. She even got me a birthday balloon! We got settled in and then B went to Walmart for an air mattress since this place is pretty small and no couch, just 2 small rooms with one bed each. B and I are having to share the queen bed. No big deal since we have been friends for 34 years.

He does frustrate me at times though. He kept picking on my son and eventually made him cry last night at dinner. We went to a place called Fish Tales across from Pleasure Pier. I had blackened tilapia and it was outstanding! My son actually ate some bbq ribs. He ordered a full rack but could only eat half. He had also eaten mini doughnuts, an entire bag of Cheetos, and some Dippin Dots. He drank like 7 glasses of water while he was eating so gee, I wonder why his stomach hurt after dinner? B had bread pudding with Baileys on it. It looked SO good but I am sticking to my keto!

We are now on day 2. The boys are going to the water park and B and I are supposed to go back to the house and he wants to make steaks. I stayed on track yesterday and only had 18 total carbs. I am wearing a size large bathing suit which amazes me.

I am posting a lot of videos on my Instagram – juliehcares.

Have a great Saturday! I will catch up on reading everyone’s posts when I have a free moment. Hugs!

Early to rise

Oh man. I set my alarm for 5am this morning telling myself I will get up, go out for a walk, then shower and pack all before the boys wake up. This was my thought before I started my arm workout last night. Then my body decided to hate me and I started my monthly. The night before I go to the beach for a few days. Really??? So I am still up this morning really early, just having cramps from hell. I have to leave town today, my reservations are non refundable and the boys are very excited to go.

I am so happy to be leaving, getting away from my mother for a few days! I went downstairs to remind her that we were going and she tells me that I never said this to her before. Umm, yes I did. I told her when I booked the trip back in April. But she’s not losing her memory at all. She actually argued with me. Now I am really wondering if she is getting dementia. She’s constantly argumentative, doesn’t remember half of what I tell her, and when one of us comes in and doesn’t speak for whatever reason (usually trying to get to the bathroom) she says my son is being ugly and I am rude. She puts the dog in the back of the house and leaves her out there in 100 degree heat for over an hour. If she doesn’t get her way, it’s all wrong.

Yeah, I need a break. I doubt she will be any friendlier upon our return but it will be nice to get away. My son had his friend come spend the night last night since he’s going with us. We will pack up the car and leave around 11.

First we will drive from Houston to Friendswood where we will pick up B and move everything into his SUV. Then he will drive us down to the beach for our 2 night stay. This is the cute house I rented.

Yesterday I was really busy! I went to my last doctors appointment for 2 weeks. I took Ms. Forgets to therapy. I took my son to his therapy. I took Styled to get her hair done and ran into the grocery for her. When I got home, my son’s friend was here like 30 minutes later. Whew! Crazy busy!

Well, it’s 5:50 so I guess I better put some clothes on and get out to walk. Y’all have a great day!