Fun end to Saturday

I worked from 8-2. I went grocery shopping. I came home and did 2 loads of laundry. Then I decided to cook.

I made croissants for my son. πŸ₯

Then I made burgers for my mom.

While they were cooking, I started marinating a brisket to cook while I’m at work tomorrow.

Then I made bacon. I ate 2 pieces and put the rest in a bag.

The horrible part is when I came back inside late tonight and my mom ate ALL the rest of the bacon, 12 pieces! 😳 I guess I don’t get anymore. 😫

Then I made brownies.

My friend came over and he and I walked Lucky and played with him outside.

That’s his Instagram post. He adores my dog. We went for a walk around the block and threw a tennis ball for Lucky in the park and had a good time. It was when we came inside that I saw my mom was eating all the bacon. I guess she was really hungry!

My friend and I hung out for a while and I showed him my penny collection from all over.

Authoress51 sent my son and I one from the Bonnie and Clyde thing in Nevada and it is so cool! I totally forgot to get any pennies in Vegas and was so excited to get that! So thanks again my friend!!!

So a nice end to my Saturday. I have worked 12 overtime hours on this pay check so my car will finally be fixed (I need a water pump and cv joints on my rear axle on both sides). I am happy about that too. No more clicking noises when I’m turning or making sure I have enough water. Whew! Now any more overtime I work will go towards actually taking a vacation this summer and letting my son go visit his friend in Colorado.

I turned in my 2 weeks notice to the gym so I work tomorrow and next Sunday and then no more. It’s fine since I’m working on Saturday’s for my full time job. I make more that way so it’s worth it to me. But if I ever needed to, I can go back to the gym. I like having a fall back option.

Haven’t heard back from the old friend and I am glad. I guess he figured out that I wasn’t interested in chatting with him.

That’s all that’s going on here. How about you?


Sunday funday, right?

I dropped my son off at church and went to the grocery store. With store deals and coupons, I was able to save 20% off the total! Woo hoo! I hope I get better at this couponing stuff. I would love to be like those people that get a full cart for like $5! I was happy to have a cart that cost $125 (not shown) and get it for $100.

After church, I brought my son home and charged my watch before taking off to the park to walk with H. The trail is 3 miles. We parked in different places so we had to walk to meet up. We ended up running/walking almost 4 and a half miles!!!

We then got in our vehicles and met at a Whataburger for food. I got a kids burger and a chocolate shake. That shake was not worth the 390 calories. I took half the bun off and ate my burger πŸ” and was happy with that.

I came home and watched Avengers Infinity War. I am so tired! So I’m about to pass out. I hope y’all had a good weekend!

Half busy day

What is going on with me? I overslept yet again!

All those times waking up, maybe I have sleep apnea? When I was heavier, I would sleep so well and could get up after 6 hours with no problems all day. Now, I need more like 9? So weird. Thankfully my son got a ride to school with the neighbor and he didn’t even wake me up. My alarm didn’t either though. I am going to try to go to bed earlier tonight. I have to be up on time because I have to work in the morning.

At 10am, I picked my teen up at school and took him to the orthodontist. He had his braces tightened and asked for green rubber bands “for Christmas”. Okay. They look cute, he said he prefers the red.

I decided no makeup today so here I am sans makeup at the orthodontist office.

I received and charged the battery for my Ring doorbell. I wanted to superglue it to the front door but my superglue has dried up in one and the other, I can’t get the top off. Plus my mother wants a new front door so I may have to figure out how to install it next to the door where her original doorbell used to be. I tested the Ring though and I like the picture quality!

Once that was figured out (it’s still not on the door yet), I picked up my son at school and his friend. Then we came home and I felt like walking. Today would normally be strength training arm day but it has been raining off and on and tomorrow is supposed to be WET all day so I will do arms then.

My walk was great! Over 3 miles in 50 minutes. I was walking more than 4 miles per hour! 3 miles is 5 kilometers for those that live anywhere other than the states. I want to run but this damn skin.

Cranky’s son text that I should have taken this other appointment her doctor had available next week. I can’t go though because I have my math final at the same time! He decided his caregivers can take Cranky and call him from the office. I hope he shares what the doctor says! I want to be there. 😩

I looked at the math stuff for the first time this afternoon. It’s not looking good for me. I can’t remember half of what to do! So from tomorrow after work and getting my son at school until Monday morning, I will be doing nothing but math and exercise.

I got an email from my moms bank this morning that she had overdrawn her account. Her second account didn’t even have enough to cover the overdraft. I had to pull almost the last of my savings and put it in her account to help. She had paid her house taxes for the year and then had gone shopping and got us tickets to the symphony as well so it went WAY over. So I had to have a chat with her about not spending anything anymore unless necessary (like groceries, medications, etc). She is not happy about her daughter telling her what to do but I had to! I won’t be able to save her next time now.

It’s almost 7pm so I am going to play my phone game and try to be asleep before 10pm so I can be up at 6 like I’m supposed to be. Have a great night!!!

It’s Monday again

Let me know if you liked the post and don’t see your name! I’m getting ready for the drawing later. πŸ˜€

All I got made yesterday were the cheese crackers.

And there’s not many left! I used almond flour and made them keto. Only 1 carb per cracker! I also ate like 12 total yesterday so yeah, oops! Just tells you how good they are, right? My mom ate a ton as well. Did I tell her they were keto? Oh God no! Lol

I was on my way downstairs to have more cheese crackers and I guess my house shoes decided I didn’t need them so I slipped and fell down the last 4 steps of our stairs. I fell on my coccyx and it still hurts this morning. I did get my crackers though! So I am avoiding sitting. I have been laying in bed for 2 hours (I woke up at 6) and my plan today is to cook because it means standing.

The reason I didn’t make the mac and cheese yesterday is because I just knew I had powdered mustard here at home so when I went to cook, I don’t have any and I didn’t feel like going back to the store. So I will walk there today. It hurts to sit so I am avoiding the car. I also need to thaw out the ground beef to make my rice-a-roni meal.

H has her math exam today. She text me this morning saying she is going to fail. I told her no. She is going to study and be fine. She doesn’t agree. I hope she does okay! And she says she is coming for dinner after so we will do the drawing tonight. She leaves Tuesday after math to go home for Thanksgiving. I will miss hanging out with her!

Last night, my son wanted to go to Starbucks. I told him we will go this morning. Well, now I don’t want to drive so I will see if he wants to walk. I really didn’t want him out there walking at night in the cold either. I am very glad he didn’t go and hope he is understanding about why I am not driving. He did tell me to feel better when I told him I fell.

That’s about it. I need to get out of bed, shower, and walk to the store. Y’all have a great day!


I used to love the cold. What changed? Maybe it’s the fact that I don’t have all those extra pounds to keep me warm! I don’t really know, I still like the colder weather but now I want to be completely bundled up to even THINK about walking outside and it’s only in the 50’s and 60’s! What will I do in 2 more months when it will get down in the 30’s and 40’s??? Lol – I will dress in more layers and appreciate the cold because I definitely do not like the heat! I got Amber ready for the cold weather. Actually my mom bought this for her. She was not thrilled as you can see! This girl in my anatomy class was showing this picture from my Instagram to other classmates and now I have new followers on there. Okay! I won’t complain about new friends! πŸ˜€

How has your week been? I got a C on my nutrition exam and I am happy about it! I just want to pass this class and never take another online class at this school. I have a math exam on Tuesday and another nutrition exam the following Wednesday with an Anatomy exam on Thursday. It’s going to be rough but there’s only 6 more weeks of school so yay! Speaking of, my classmate wants to come over and study. I don’t want to! I think I talked her into not coming over. Thank goodness!

This morning 2 of my classmates text me and asked me to save them a seat. Then class. Then I did my homework and walked over to the dorms to eat lunch with H. She left me there for a class and as I was walking out, this guy from my math class stops me and asks me to come sit with him. Well, I did and he decided to chat with me for 2 hours! I know WAY too much about him now. πŸ˜‚He seems like a nice enough guy, around my age, doesn’t have a car, lives in the dorms, and has a part time job. He told me all about this young girl he sees in the library and how he won’t chase her because “girls like her want the chase”. Umm, okay dude! πŸ™„

I’ve been eating way too much lately so I am going to get back on it for the next few weeks to make sure I don’t gain more than the 2 pounds I have already gained plus lose those damn 2 pounds. I have no clothes to wear if I gain any weight which will help me stay on track. My friend M asked me about going walking with her and I told her anytime. She and I usually go get a margarita so walking is definitely better! Now to see when she wants to go, maybe tomorrow. πŸ™

So I drank my water today (going back to not drinking my 8 glasses (4 bottles) a day was too easy. And going to eat keto again. It’s obvious I can do it, I did it for 6 months! So yeah, it could just be the water, it could be that I’m eating carbs, it could be a lot of things but I know I did well on keto so back to it I go!

I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend. I have my normal Friday morning job with Styled and that’s it. Another slow week here job wise. A friend told me to look into office jobs on campus since I’m there anyway. I need to go do that. Talk soon!

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First Saturday after school started

Here it is. The first Saturday since my son went back to school. He was mad all week about going to school. He walked to school and home 3 days this past week, and 2 of those days he walked an extra half mile to go get a Frappuccino before school. I actually got to take him to school yesterday and then picked up him and a neighbor kid up after school yesterday since I was at home anyway. They said they had a horrible week (profanity was actually used) and they are glad it’s a 3 day weekend. Me? I am SO happy they are back in school! I can concentrate more on my own school.

I got a phone call at 10:30pm last night when I was about to go to sleep. Another parent called to say that his sons friend had gotten a message from my son that he was going to off himself. I freaked out and went in his room where he was sitting happily playing Fortnight. He talked to me and the other parent and said he is not that stupid and he didn’t say that. Well, why would this kid make something like that up and get parents all freaked out? So I went and checked my sons texts (one of the reasons he’s not allowed to have his own Apple ID). There is no mention of anything like that. So WTH? Well, at least my son knows that the other parent and I listen and react quickly now. Weird. And he’s fine, I already checked on him this morning and he is sleeping away.

I got some exercise in yesterday. I did arm weights for some strength training for 30 minutes.

I did my normal Saturday weigh in even though I weighed yesterday for the end of the month. Here are my August to September stats. I can’t complain!!!

This past week has been 2 of my clients birthdays. So I took a cake to the 88 year old.

I had to try a tiny slice. It was really good!!! I avoided the middle with the strawberries (allergic) so I only had a sliver of cake. I figure it was probably half a slice and that was 20 carbs! So I went over my carbs a bit yesterday but I am right back on track today. No big deal. I’m still at 160 so I can’t complain! Now, if I gained like 5 pounds, I would freak out. I believe I have learned how to maintain while still having certain foods every once in a while.

I posted on Instagram yesterday (juliehcares) that I need help with new keto recipes as I am getting tired of the same old thing. My buddy Alexx came through and another girl on there did too, both with cauliflower recipes! So I will try one this week and one the next. My mom has to go low fiber (diverculosis) so she can’t have cauliflower for a while, or popcorn, or nuts. She’s very upset. So I get this food all to myself. Woohoo!

So I am about to get dressed, walk the dog, and then head down to pick up another client at the beach. I don’t have to pick her up until 11 so I thought I would go take my walk down there, go by the gym to shower (I called my gym here and they said I can go there), go eat a good breakfast, and then go get her. Sounds like a good morning to me!

Have a great day!

Saturday morning

Yesterday was a short post because I was mad at my son for being rude but wanted to post something like I do every day.

I worked both jobs yesterday and they were normal which is good. I studied anatomy for 2 hours and math for an hour and a half. I watched Big Brother from Thursday night and WOW!!! That was screwed up! I won’t tell you but it was crazy. I played games on my phone and was in bed by 10.

I was up at 6am this morning. I guess getting up early is just my thing now. Whatever. I played on my phone for a while and wasn’t ready to get moving for a couple of hours. I walked the dog and then decided, after 2 friends on Instagram said I should, went for a walk. Thanks Jim!

When I was walking home, I started to feel faint and dizzy. I walked another 3/10ths of a mile and finally had to stop. I was still a good 10-15 minute walk from being home. My heart rate was 180!!! I sat down on a sidewalk, stretched for 10 minutes, and got up to continue my walk home. I walked back to the corner to cross the street and felt dizzy again. I walked back to my seat and called Lyft. This nice man drove me home and offered me water. I told him since I was going home that I would be okay but thank you. Very nice guy!

So I’m back home, have drunk 4 bottles of water, and I’m feeling much better. I am tired and I’m not going back outside for a while, but I’m fine. I forgot to take water with me and I probably shouldn’t have tried to do my 5K my first time getting back out there for exercise. Oh well. Live and learn. Know your limits and know when to stop πŸ›‘ !!!

My son has therapy today and that’s all we have going on. I will study some math, read my biology book πŸ“–, and relax.

Do you know when to stop and relax? Do you try to keep going when you know you should stop? Are you getting your exercise in?

Catch up

Oh man! I passed out at 9pm last night after only a couple of pages in one of my new books. I bought 3 of the 7 Dexter books at Half Price Books yesterday. I loved the show so I thought I should read the books.

When I woke up yesterday, I did some arm strength training for 35 minutes.

I took Styled to get her hair done and she then asked me to take her to my jeweler for a watch battery as the place she went to last time was not friendly. I drive her down to Bullocks Jewelers and I always go out of my way to go to the place too. It’s a small shop and Mr. Bullock is always friendly and likes to joke around with people. She loved it too. We went to the grocery store and found that Quest bars are on sale 4 for $5 which is less than half price so we got 2 boxes of 12 for $30 (savings of $41). She was very happy with that. After I dropped her off I got gas, I went by a Kroger and got a protein pack for lunch, and turned on my Lyft app.

Before I took her, I had the Lyft app on and got this woman who said my car smelled like smoke. Damn it! I don’t smoke in the damn car and I have all these car freshener things in it too! I told her a guy got in it smoking earlier and apologized and she was okay with me. That sucks though, smoke doesn’t come out of the car it seems!

I drove a number of men after Styled with Lyft and NONE of them complained. I even got tips yesterday! I took a guy to a restaurant to have a family lunch and he was chatty, nice guy. Then I took a father to the airport that was going to meet up with his family to drive back here. On that ride, I missed an exit and had to turn around. I felt SO bad! I hate the tollway!

After that, I started to stay in the airport que line and talked to a older guy in the lot. He said it can take up to 2 hours to get a ride. I left after that and almost immediately got a call from someone right down the road. This guy wanted to go to a friends house “to lend them some money”. My personal belief is that he was buying drugs but who knows. I took him and then brought him back. He was very nice and tipped me too. I can’t complain!

That was my last ride too. I was tired after driving for 2 hours with Styled and 5 hours with Lyft. I can’t complain about the money I made though. $115 for 5.75 hours with Lyft and $40 with Styled. If I could make that every day, I wouldn’t have to worry about my mother overspending all the time! It never happens though. Sometimes I make $30 for 6 hours which sucks ass!

Today I have the funeral for the husband of the couple. My son is invited to a birthday party at the same time. I had him find a friend that is going so I can drop him off at his friends house and then I can pick him up at the party. When I get him home around 4pm, I plan on going out driving for Lyft once more this week. I don’t like working on Sundays. Those are church and cooking days!

My side hurts much worse today and maybe I slept on it wrong? I still have stuff to do so I will deal with it (thank god for Advil). I almost went out for a walk this morning and then changed my mind. When it’s 77 degrees at 5:30am, who wants to be outside? So I will get the dog walked and go to the gym and use the treadmill for a bit. I’m not going to go too fast but I am going to get some exercise in. I’m in a challenge called #operationmoveyourass on Instagram so I am really trying!

The guy at the hair salon that Styled goes to showed me how to lace up my new shoes really cool so I did that and I love them! I feel like I’m in style or something. I had 2 high carb days this past week so the .4 pound gain this morning didn’t surprise me. I’ll be back down next week. It’s not like I gained 5 pounds so it’s okay. 165.6 this morning when I was 212 in February. πŸ˜€

Y’all have a great weekend!

Good day

It actually was. I still didn’t go out and exercise. I seem to have fallen off the wagon there and need to get back on quick. I picked up Ms. Forgets at 8:10am. We didn’t get home until 12:45pm. I came home and decided to cook. I made burgers my way with veggies, chorizo and egg, chicken wings, and a cream cheese brownie. I put videos on Instagram but here are pictures of the foods.I spent 3 hours in the kitchen cooking. That counts for something, right? Well, not according to my Apple Watch but whatever. I was moving around for hours dammit! The boys said the brownie tasted burnt. To me it was awesome! That’s their problem. I’ll be happy to eat it! I followed a keto recipe for it found on HERE. I didn’t taste anything burnt other than the edge of the cheesecake part and I don’t care! It was that good! The recipe says it’s 2 net carbs but according to myfitnesspal (where I put in each and every ingredient to get an accurate count), it is actually 11 net carbs and it was totally worth all 11! I only made 8 pieces to her 9 and I don’t take out carbs for the sweetener like some people do which is probably why hers (or theirs) was much lower.On Sunday, I went WAY over my calories and my net carb total. I had 1925 calories and 30 carbs. I still ended up doing well for the week. I am not complaining. I just want you to know that I’m not perfect. I do go over what I’m supposed to have. The difference? I don’t beat myself up for it or shame myself. All I did yesterday was get right back on track. I had EXACTLY 19 carbs yesterday and stayed under my calories.That’s the trick. That’s what you have to do. You are human and everyone messes up. It’s what we do! Just forgive yourself and go back to what you were doing. Doesn’t matter if it’s keto, weight watchers, exercise, etc. We just have to keep going and not get mad at ourselves.So I also watched IT on my iPad yesterday. OMG. First, it’s got that kid from Stranger Things so that was cool. It was much more terrifying than the original movie! I absolutely LOVE Stephen King’s writing BUT I thought IT was SO boring as a book! Maybe it was the 1000 plus pages. This adaptation was done MUCH better than the last one. For me to say that means a lot because I am the person always complaining and rolling my eyes at remakes. Seriously! If you don’t believe me, ask my besties, they will tell you!Today I have my advisor meeting at my college. I know I was supposed to go last week but a client ran overtime and I called to change it but they said I had to go online and it was a damn mess so I just made another appointment. I’ve been accepted, I just have to talk to someone to find out what classes I need and where to start this fall.No jobs today. When I get home, I am going to take the brisket I’ve been thawing out of the fridge and start to marinate it. That will soak up for a day and then I will cook it. Fun fun! I love brisket. And mine just falls off the fork so it makes me happy to know that I can actually do that myself! I hope you all have a good day and I guess I will bother you guys later!


Not much going on. I did not leave my house yesterday other than to walk Amber. I cancelled my doctors appointment because it was supposed to rain and then the rain came in spurts so I could have gone. Oh well. I watched Agents of Shield on Netflix and read through 2 school lessons. I got a 100% on each exam so I am happy about that.

Today. Ms. Forgets cancelled yet again but that’s fine with me. It’s supposed to rain again all day and I really don’t like going out in it. At least this time she called last night so there’s no cancel fee. Well, for her. For me it is good but bad because no money coming in sucks!

I heard from my son. He is having fun. He was actually tired last night (according to his Snapchat). The church group posted a bunch of pictures on Instagram as well which I am happy about even though my son is not in any of them! As long as he is having fun and safe, I’m okay!

I will probably finish Agents of Shield today and get 2 more lessons done. That sounds good to me. I do need to run up to the store to get water bottles and eggs. I only have 2 left of each! Eek!

I am sure I didn’t eat enough yesterday. When I’m at home and busy, I usually don’t. While I watched tv, I snacked on walnuts. To me it was a good day. I did bedtime yoga last night and it’s so nice to have it on a screen on my wall and not trying to look at a tiny tablet while doing the exercises! I am definitely in ketosis too. I feel great about that!

I did look at the past 3 weeks of food just to make sure I am doing well and will lose weight on July 1st when this challenge is over.

I think it looks pretty good! I love how it says I need to hit my calorie goal. I know I don’t eat a lot, I eat when I’m hungry! Nothing wrong with that. I am now part of those weird people that forget to eat at times. I never thought that would be me! I am not complaining, I am happy to be in that group and I thank keto for it. Eating carbs, I was always hungry!

I already showered this morning, gave my next door neighbor her mail from when she was out of town the past week, and walked Amber. I guess I will get started on Lesson 4!