Been a minute

Since May 19th to be exact! I’ve been working and driving and staying at home. A bit boring which is why I haven’t written anything.

First off, we started Lucky’s training last Saturday. I think he was trained before and we just didn’t know the right commands. He’s doing really well! Too adorable. I have to give him a bath tonight which I am not looking forward to but it has to be done!

So here’s the latest from yesterday. My original client, Cranky, passed away after a long time of being off and on ill. She’s had pneumonia like 4 times in the past couple of years. Last night she just went by stopping breathing. It was very sad. Her caregiver called me very upset when I was closing at work so I finally spoke with her and rushed over as soon as I could get out. I called 911 not knowing that I didn’t have to. She had hospice care and they came and took care of everything after the police left.

I left after the funeral home took her away at 9:30pm. On my way home, I noticed that the gates at work had not been shut after closing so I drove in and locked the gates. I let my manager know so if they saw me on camera that late that they wouldn’t ask me what the hell I had been doing there. The funeral is on Thursday when we are busy which I’m sad about. I have asked my manager if I can come in an hour late so I can go to the viewing though. Still waiting on an answer.

I couldn’t sleep last night (makes sense I’m sure) and got to sleep at 2am. I had to be up at 5:30 and be at work at 7 so I didn’t get much sleep. After work today, I met a coworker at the grocery store and drove her home after shopping for us, coming by my house to put our stuff away, and walking Lucky. She’s a sweet kid and doesn’t drive so shopping and getting it all home has to be difficult!

Also, yesterday at work, I spoke with my friend that is a registered dietician. We worked out together a bit and then talked about our personal goals. She weighed me and then told me not to lose any more weight but to tone and work on muscle only. She told me that cardio will help keep me in shape to go do the mountain climbing I want to do once my son is grown but I just have excess skin and need to build muscle underneath to not have it look like fat. I love this woman! She’s awesome! I still weigh in at 148-150 which is perfect for me. She thinks she is 60 pounds overweight (she’s not) but I told her I’ll help her since she helps me.

My coworker thinks a guy that comes in like me. He’s a good looking man too. He showed me how to do pull-ups his way and told me to keep working at it and I will be able to do what he did. He put chains around his neck, lifted himself up, brought his legs up, and did 10 pull-ups like that! I don’t think I could ever do that!!! When I walked in near him with my friend he walked away though so I doubt he “likes” me but that’s fine too.

We had a meeting last weekend at work and I made a cake for everyone. I didn’t know how many people would be there though and that cake went fast!!!

My son graduated 8th grade on Honor Roll but we decided not to attend graduation. High school graduation is much more important! I am very proud of him. I can’t wait for him to start high school!!!

I watched the latest season of Nailed It, Riverdale, and The Flash, and now on the new season of Supergirl. All on Netflix so I know I’m behind regular television. My son has watched the Southpark seasons he has on dvd and loved Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I’m so glad he likes the classics!

I hope you guys are all doing well. Sorry it’s been so long.


I know sometimes family time can suck ass. I feel that way about some people in my family. Not my cousin that’s visiting though! He and I are tight like siblings (we are both only children). He was raised here in Houston until he was 12 and he and I were always together at each other’s home, our grandmothers house, etc. We stayed really close throughout our lives even after his mom remarried and moved him away from me, so when he comes here or I go wherever they are living at the time, we have a blast! It’s usually all about drinking and baseball and sometimes it’s sad like when his mom passed and my dad passed.

This time it’s fun. He and his family flew in night before last and got checked in to their hotel. His wife told me that yesterday morning he dragged her to Whataburger at midnight. I didn’t see them but it was late when they arrived.

Yesterday morning, his wife text me and said she’s been following my Instagram and was wondering if we could go work out. I had woken up at 4:15am and didn’t really want to go but of course I did and it was good. By the way, crappy picture of the actual workout (I guess I was still walking). 45 minutes on the treadmill!

I took her back to her hotel and came home and decided to go jump in the pool.

Then I took my son to his therapy (after I showered of course)!

We came home and my cousin had gone to visit his dad so I watched the new Steve Martin and Martin Short show on Netflix. When that was over, it was time to drive to the hotel to meet up with them and take a Lyft to the ballgame.

We get to Minute Maid Park where the World Champions Houston Astros play at 5pm. The game didn’t start until 6:15. Cousin was glad we were early. His wife and I went shopping for jerseys and proved it probably wasn’t a great idea to have us there so early. LOL

I got a Carlos Correa jersey and she got a Jose Altuve jersey. We had a blast looking at all of them and deciding which one to get. Okay, I was not going to spend money on a jersey since I have one at home BUT I put on my jersey before I left and was able to double cross it across my body AFTER I buttoned it. Yeah, WAY too big! I’m not getting rid of it though, it’s a Jeff Bagwell jersey and I love it.

I stuck to my keto even at the game. I drank Michelob Ultra (I had 3) and had peanuts. I’m happy about that! I did end up with a few more carbs than I wanted but I’m not worried, it was 24 for a whole day.

Today, we are meeting for brunch at 11am. B had asked me to have breakfast with him but since my cousin is here and B has met him many times in the past, I told him that we will all go. Then my cousin invited his Dad which I don’t mind, I adore my uncle! That makes it 8 for lunch. We are going to dinner with my mom on Monday evening. We have to keep the actual siblings apart because they tend to fight after 30 minutes around each other. I don’t know why but they do. How my cousin and I ended up so tight with those 2, I’ll never know.

Here’s my cousin and I.

We really did have fun last night. Today they are going to the game again. I am so jealous! Before they go, his wife wants me to go work out with her again. After everything I did today, I have to go again tomorrow?

I’m sure I will. I will just stick to weights. That can’t kill me like cardio would, right? Maybe I’m just still tired.

They are here until Tuesday so I plan on having some fun while they are here.

Have a great day!

A darn good Thursday

It had been 2 days since I got ANY exercise. I know, I know, what happened Jules??? Well, I felt so tired but knew I had to work and that’s all I did other than sleep and stay up too late watching Netflix. I didn’t hit the watch goals for 2 days. Freaked me out that I let myself do that. So yesterday I did arm dumbbells for 30 minutes with a lot of different exercises. That was great. I hit my goals and feel better about being back on track.

As you may know, court went really well. We got out at 10am! I guess being over prepared to stay there all day got us out quick. After court, we walked over to another courthouse 3 blocks away and now he’s all signed up for his probation. I then brought him back to my house where he grabbed a drink and then left.

On our way back, I got a call from Miss Priss. She needed to run errands. I told her I would pick her up at 2pm and I did. We spent an hour and a half running around for her and got her stuff done. I did not drive for the company which is okay. I feel better today. It was a good productive day.

I watched the episodes to finish this season of The Walking Dead. God that was an awesome series finale! I love this show! What to do until October? This is what Netflix is for!

I ate well too. I’m surprised when I get close to my calorie goal lately. I tested my keytone level and it showed “moderate”. I still can’t tell exactly what I’m supposed to have but the doctor is happy with my tests.

Today should be busy. I have to take Styled to get her hair done, go meet a possible new client, and then drive for the company. That’s the plan anyway.

One week from today will be the one year anniversary of my fathers death. I keep thinking about how much has changed since he went to heaven. I live with my mom now, I got her to clean out a ton of her hoarding crap around here, I added another job to my already busy life, and have already lost 25 pounds in 6 months. I hope my Dad is watching over me happy that I’m doing well and helping my mother.

What’s your plan this weekend? Any plans? Are you on a doctor led diet and are confused? Let’s commiserate with each other! Have you lost a parent recently? Need to talk?

So glad it’s the weekend!

So guys, I have to tell you a secret. I started a 2nd job. I am driving for an internet based company like Uber (but NOT Uber). After taking Styled yesterday morning, I came home, walked Amber, ate, and started my new job. I ended up working for 4 hours, had NO clue where I was for 3 jobs so thank GOD for GPS, and kept taking jobs until I was somewhere I knew. The sad part was I didn’t even make $10 per hour. I know, it’s more than minimum wage, but if you look at what it puts my car through, I still have to see if this is worth it. So I worked 7 total hours today. I did 7 runs with the driving company in 4 hours. This company is not too busy and that’s actually good for me. They have a bonus program right now that if you do 150 jobs in 45 days through them, you will get a $500 bonus. Message me if you want a link! I hope it’s possible.

I came home and got in bed but only for about 30 minutes. Then I got up to go walk (gotta get my exercise in – especially after sitting in my car most of the day!). I ended up doing 45 minutes on the treadmill and felt MUCH better when I was done.

I went out last night and got wings from WingStop and boy were they good! So good I forgot to take a picture! The thing I am happy about is that all 3 generations of people in this house sat down and ate in the same area. My mom and I split the wings while my son had French fries (he refused the wings). I’m not a big sauce person so I let my mom eat the bleu cheese dressing with the wings. I was happy with mine just like they were.

Today is weigh day!!! You are SO not going to believe this. I don’t! I had to move and re-step on the scale a few times to make sure it was actually real! This keto lifestyle is definitely doing the trick. I had a compliment from one of the neighbors. He told me that he can see I’ve lost “quite a bit” and I’ll soon be as thin as he is. He’s this tall, thin, handsome Frenchman that moves to the states about 4 years ago and lived in California until last year when he came here. He has a chiweenie like I do so he and I chat at least once a week while our girls run around and play together.

Yes, I know, I got off track! You want to know the weight, right? Well… 195.2! That is a LOSS of 4.8 pounds! Woot woot!

Today is psychologist day, gym weights day, and cooking day. I’m making fajitas (beef and chicken) as well as baked chicken and Italian sausages. I need more choices! I am okay about not having too many sweet things (if I get desperate, I found a keto peanut butter cookie to make or just fat bombs).

Anyway, y’all have a great day!


Wow. Just wow. Monday. πŸ˜•

Started good. I woke up with no caffeine or soda and was fine. I went to the podiatrist at 9am. I knew I was going to have shots today. The woman told me that it was a small needle and didn’t hurt. I can now say that was BS! LONG needles into my leg and the shot lasted a full minute as he put the medicine in slowly. It hurt SO bad! Then after the electrode treatment, my toes went numb for a long time. She said it could happen but it was normal. Uh huh, like I’m going to believe anything now?

Still fine with no soda or caffeine when that was over. So I went to the gym when I got home. I rode the bike for 30 minutes on the variety button again and then walked the treadmill for 30 minutes. I felt like I wanted to get the toxins out of my system and I did feel good after I got my cardio in. My toes stayed numb while I worked out but felt better after too which was a nice benefit!

Then the headache. After the gym, I had lunch of a meatball mixed with veggies, pecans, and some Colby jack cheese. I promptly fell asleep but I knew I was tired when I laid down to rest so I had set an alarm for 1:20pm, I can’t miss work! When I woke up at 1:18 (woo hoo – 2 minutes before the alarm went off) my head was pounding! I left to take the couple to the doctor and took 4 Advil on my way there. My head stayed pounding until around 8pm and it only went away because I stopped at Starbucks and got a blonde Americano coffee. I’m not thrilled with the taste but what can I do? I got home from work at 6:30 and walked Amber even though my son said he had walked her. She was whining when I walked in like she hadn’t been out all day. I put a tablespoon of heavy whipping cream into the coffee and it tasted a bit better so I finished it. I guess I am going to try a bunch of their different coffee choices and find out what I like. I’m not a fan of this! πŸ˜‚ Any suggestions on what to try for a person that has never really drunken coffee before?

That was my long day. How was yours?

Today I was supposed to take the couple to a doctors appointment and dinner but the husband is sick so we canceled it all. He needs to get better. He has bronchitis and is now on a bunch of medicines and needs to rest. Not that he will listen but he needs to! So now I have no jobs today. I think after I take my son to school here in a bit, I will go do the weight machines at the gym. I haven’t been using theirs, just dumbbells for a while now. I want to try those again. I will definitely keep the weight low too so I don’t hurt myself again! Then I need to find something to do because when I don’t have anything to do, I am going to want to have some sugar or carbs and that’s a definite nono from now on! I just hope I don’t fall asleep again like yesterday. I know that’s a downfall of quitting soda as well.

I hope you have a great day. What plans do you have today?

Another day, another story

It was an interesting day for sure. Miss Priss was good company. She had me drive all over town to run her errands and we got a lot done in 3 hours. She didn’t mind that I bought vegetables while we were at Whole Foods either.

After 3 hours with her, I dropped her back off. I like sales so when I saw that Target was having a bedding sale, I jumped on it. I picked up a new set of sheets yesterday and oh boy, I’m in love with my bed again! 700 thread count, funky blue color that sets off the dark wood frame, and so soft and comfortable! All for $50!?! Sold! Amber likes them too, she was snuggled up under a pillow on the new sheets all night.

I then picked up my sons medication and got milk and lunch foods from HEB. I came home and had to turn around and leave pretty quick to take the couple to dinner. When I got there, I found out that they had already eaten out for lunch but still wanted to go. I let them go in to eat and I went to the Vitamin Shoppe to check out Quest products that I heard are a good snack with lots of protein. I spent $25 on snacks. πŸ˜€ I ate one and then walked around the corner to smoke and wouldn’t you know, the couple came out to the car while I was gone. Oops! It only took them 45 minutes to eat! They got in by themselves and I got there after they did. They said they hadn’t been there long but who knows. So I screwed up! Yet another reason I need to find a regular job I think.

These snacks are around 200 calories a piece so one each day as a snack is plenty although it does help me get a bit more protein in my diet which I won’t complain about. The birthday cake one was a bit too sweet for me and definitely filled me up. No sugar but overly sweet? Yes please!

My son is a trip. He asks Alexa to play 21 Pilots all the time so at any given moment as I walk by his room, I will hear Heathens. Good song but when you hear it 20 times a day, you get a bit sick of it. Not him though! He popped in my room at 9:06pm for me to turn his jaw extender and flops on my new sheets and says he’ll take them. Lol! Nope! And I’m not going to spend more either. He can have my 600 thread count red ones.

My mother says her garbage disposal isn’t working so Godfather text me this morning to say he’s coming over. Umm, ok? Guess I better get dressed quick!

-Skip 2 hours-

There was a screw in the disposal. It’s not broken. Thank goodness! Godfather also helped get all the paint that was in our garage out to my moms van to take to the recycling plant and he took all these tools that I told him he could have once we found them. That’s fine and I am with Cranky to take her to the dentist. I have this and taking Mr. 95 year old to dinner tonight. I should have plenty of time to go to the gym which I didn’t do yesterday.

I did 10 minutes of arm weight exercises instead of the gym. My calories were great so I’ll be fine. No big deal.

So that’s enough for me today. I am going to do my best to go to the gym since I have been skipping it lately. At least I’m still exercising at home!

Lazy Sunday

I had a very lazy day and it was awesome not being sick and being lazy.

I watched Netflix. I didn’t get dressed. The only thing I did during the day was wash dishes and cook up some boudain for my dinner. I also took ground beef out of the freezer to thaw to make burgers today. What a great day! Guess it’s back to the grind!

Around 9pm, I was talking to BFF through text and saw on my watch that the only goal I hit was my stand goal. Well crap. So I took Amber for a walk and came in and decided to get some exercise in. I used my 5 pound dumbbells and did 16 minutes of arm exercises with them. So I hit the exercise goal. Then I moved around a bit more and got the move goal too so I hit all 3 even on a rest day.

I also stayed in my calories yesterday. Usually I have a cheat meal on Sundays but I didn’t feel like it yesterday. I wasn’t that hungry and I’ve learned that if I don’t feel hungry, DON’T EAT. I drank 6 glasses of water and 3 sodas plus one cup of milk. So I drank quite a few calories but also ate what I wanted.

Today I am taking my son to school and then going to the dentist. Then I have to go to Costco and get stuff for the month (beef, chicken, toilet paper, paper towels, babybel cheese, and milk). I also have to stop by HEB to get my veggies for the week. Fun fun day, right? So I know I will have plenty of time to get my exercise in at the gym.

Having the gym within 2 blocks of my house doesn’t give me any leeway to skip or excuses about having to drive there and not feeling like it. As you may have noticed, I exercise even away from the gym. I would like to try that steam room again too but I can’t go in there with my contacts on or with my phone (the steam bothered my contacts). I need to remember to take my lock so I have somewhere to put everything! I probably will not do that today though, I don’t feel like it.

Another thing, I’ve made a foot decision. I spoke with Dr. B (the chiropractor) and he said the NMES will do wonders and I should try it so I am going to call Dr. Parker and sign up. I’m nervous but don’t want to have surgery. So that’s happening.

That’s it. I hope you all have a great day! Monday Motivation coming later today too! Add me on Instagram juliehcares πŸ˜€