Great Wednesday!

The day started like normal. Wake up, shower, run out the door afraid you’ll be late because you have to drive 45 minutes in traffic to get to your dental appointment on time.😂

After the dentist, I stopped at HEB and picked up some eggs and bacon and took off for B’s apartment (my guy best friend) near my dentist’s office. I cooked the eggs, he made the bacon. He wanted toast too so he made himself some. We ate and chatted and then we went to work out in his apartments workout room. The machines were nothing like I’m used to but I was having a good morning so I went with it.

30 minutes treadmill walking and running and 15 minutes on the recumbent bike. I think it was more fun because we were hanging out too. We did a sweaty selfie after and then it was time for me to go home. 😢

The CPA came by the house and we got all of my paperwork in order and he’s going to do my taxes for me within the next week. I hope to god I don’t owe anything this year! I worry since I got a 1099 from a client plus sold the condo and car this past year.

I relaxed for an hour at home and then left to take Mr. 95 year old to dinner. Mr. Happy came with him too! How exciting! This man is always happy and when he seems grumpy, I can tell a silly joke and he gets happy again. I waited for them, took them home, got paid, and got home and went to bed.

Today is hell day. I have a podiatrist appointment at 9:40 and have to be at the couples at 10:30 for the rest of the day. I say hell because they have 2 different appointments plus they want to go out to eat (of course). It’s difficult for one person to handle them both in and out of the car, especially multiple times. Oh well. I need to make money!

I can’t wait for the day to be over already. I’m thinking of waiting to work out until after I am with them in case I am frustrated and need to get it out. I’m afraid I will be too tired to work out after being with them all day too. 🙄

I had 5 calories left last night. That’s cutting it a bit close!

My son stayed up all night on Tuesday night and yesterday went to bed around 11am. He woke up at 10pm complaining that I shouldn’t have let him sleep so long and said now he will be up all night because he slept so much. I just looked at him and told him to never speak to me like that and maybe he should leave and start over. He did and I wasn’t really listening to him anymore. That upset me. It’s not MY fault you stayed up all night or slept all day!

That’s it for today. Have a good one! Follow me on Instagram juliehcares .

Another busy day today!

Yesterday was good. I took Styled to her dentist, the husband of the couple to the grocery store, and the couple to dinner. I ate well although no veggies. I ate exactly my amount of calories.

I went to the gym and worked out for 30 minutes on the stationary bike between jobs. I text my neighbor that I was going earlier than I thought because of jobs. She said that was okay because she was working late anyway. So that worked out.

I just wanted to burn some calories but I guess I am really getting in shape because on a level 6, I didn’t burn too much! I would usually burn twice that! Maybe there’s something wrong with my watch? I have no clue.

At dinner while I waited on them to eat their Chinese food, I took this picture. There were so many birds in the parking lot!

BFF is vacationing in Missouri and took her kids to the celebrity car museum. It looks like they had a great time. She sent me a picture of Wayne’s World car too! So much fun!

Today I go back to the dentist and to the chiropractor. Then the CPA is coming to do my taxes. Then I have to take Mr. 95 year old to dinner. When he called me, he asked if I could take them. Umm, sure? I wonder who “them” will be? Miss Pride? Mr. Happy? I’ll take them all!

Y’all have a great day!

Need to vent

I work my ass off for these elderly people. I get their breakfast for them or birthday treats without asking for payment in return, I always offer to wait in the car while they eat or do their thing, and even offer to pay my own way if we go somewhere. I’m pissed off. And yes, I started my period today, but that’s not the reason. Wait until you hear about this shit.

First. I get Styled her breakfast from McDonald’s (which I’m not eating there anymore) and drive to pick her up. I finally call her at 9:02 and she says, “Oh, I just woke up. I can’t go today.” Really??? Why not??? Put on some clothes and let’s go! (I did NOT actually say this) I take her breakfast to the front desk and ask them to deliver it to her. She has not even called or text to say thank you. I call her hair place and find out that she called the hair place at 2:30am to check on her appointment. Wow 😮 I called her step daughter to let her know and she says that Styled is just acting needy and she’s tired of accommodating her. Okey dokey then! Well, I’m tired of cancellations from her!

So I drive down an hour to the chiropractor and that was awesome. He popped my neck and adjusted my back. Dr. B massaged it himself because the kid that took me and hooked me up to the electrodes said, “Oh wow! They really beat up your back the other day!” I feel great though so I wasn’t worried about that. And Dr. B is always sweet and he knows what he’s doing so I let him do his thing.

So then I drove back to take the husband to the grocery store. They loved their cupcakes. He wanted to stop for a burger on the way to the store so we did that. We went through the entire store and he spent $300 on groceries. On the way home, I told him his total for the entire week. He started complaining! He didn’t remember the 2 1/2 hours from Tuesday. He said the total shouldn’t be that much. I kept my mouth shut but I was fuming! I brought you a $4 cupcake and your wife one so she wouldn’t feel left out and you are complaining about the exact amount you owe? ARGH!

When we got to their house, I brought his wheelchair to him and took the groceries inside. He starts counting cash and hands me all but $5. Then he has 3 $5 bills and 3 $1 and tries to give me the ones and says he will owe me $2! I’m so mad at this point that I actually said, ” Why don’t you keep your $3 and give me a $5 and we will be even?” So he finally did and I got the hell out of there.

I went to the gym in my new shirt and did 45 minutes on the elliptical. I went to the restroom before I started to work out and found out it’s “that time of the month”. I didn’t have anything on me but luckily the first day is almost non existent so I went ahead and did my workout.

Now I’m home and my son brought a friend home with him and my mother will be home in half an hour. I’m tired, pissed, and want to eat my dinner and watch Netflix. I think I will. Have a good night and thanks for letting me rant.

So much better!!!

So I HIGHLY recommend this guy! And now his sons are in the practice and they are good too!

I went in and was taken back in 5 minutes. He asked me where it hurt and told me I probably strained it using too high of a weight on the machines. They put electrodes on my back with current for 10 minutes with heating pads over the electrodes. Then a woman came in and used this massager with gel and heat on my back for another 10 minutes. Then the son came in and rubbed me down using his knuckles for 5 minutes and then did an adjustment to my back. It cracked HARD and he said I am very tight throughout my back. Then they had me lie on a massage table for 15 minutes which was very relaxing. I have to go back on Friday. My total was $50 and I was told on Friday it will be $35.

I went to lunch with B since that’s his part of town and we went to Rudy’s bbq. I ate some chopped beef which was awesome and got a coke. I can’t believe I’ve never been there before! Then I drove home.

When I got home, I went to the gym. I did 30 minutes on the elliptical and felt wonderful so then I did 30 minutes on the treadmill and STILL felt great so did 30 minutes on the stationary bike. Then I walked home. I’m tired and can’t wait to have leftover bbq for dinner. My son stole the Cheetos I bought. Lol, keeps me from eating them!

I’m pretty happy to make up for my calorie overage from yesterday. Tomorrow I am hoping to make up for my calorie overage from Monday. Then maybe I can keep from gaining anything. Who knows. I’m not trying to hurt myself again though so I am staying off the weights these couple of days. He suggested I talk to the trainer too and have him reassess what weight I should be using instead of doing what I think I can handle.

I also wanted to show you the bone from last night. It was under my bed so I pulled it out and snapped a picture before I pitched it.

Have a wonderful evening. Mr. 95 year old cancelled on me again so I am going to netflix the rest of the night! Hugs 🤗!

Long boring day

Wanna hear about all the boring? Okay, fine, I’ll tell you. You’re sure, right? 😂

Started out with a great doctor visit. No fever when we got there of course. She told him as long as his fever stays gone, he can go to school. Thank God for that!!! He was at 98.2 last night so he’s there.

For about 2 hours after we got home yesterday, I piddled around the house and walked the dog a couple of times until my Mom left for some church birthday party at 1:45. Then I attacked her pantry which had everything BUT food in it. I took all of the tools and household items and put them in the correct closet. I took all of her paper plates, cups, plastic silverware, napkins, and the MANY napkin rings she owns and moved them all into a cabinet. I moved my baking stuff (all over the floor of the pantry since I moved in) into another cabinet. I’m not done with the pantry. She still has 2 rows of crap left in it but I am getting there! It is starting to look like a food pantry and not a catch-all finally! I think it will be very nice to have all the food and cooking stuff in one place instead of scattered wherever she felt like having it that day.

I talked to Mr. 95 year old around 3pm yesterday and he told me, “I’m not going tonight, I would be eating alone. My friends aren’t going.” so that took care of that. I didn’t want to be out in the cold (it’s back down in the 50’s!) and rain anyway. I got a package in the mail and yes, I am broke, but I ordered gym gloves and a phone arm holder so I don’t keep hurting my hands on the machines and I don’t have to hold or find somewhere for my phone to be. I have left my phone in other machines so many times already it’s not even funny how much I needed this.

I went to the gym and did all 16 weight machines that I use. 3 sets of 12 reps each. I was very happy with myself. I said hello to a few people I’m getting to know too. My moms friend saw me and grabbed me and told me to come get her when I’m going to the gym. Ummm, no thanks? 😂

I also got a book from Alex Heyne (the Modern Health Monk) and I’m excited to start reading it. I was too tired to start it last night.

I came home from the gym and popped an Alaskan cod dinner and a salmon dinner in the oven for my Mom and I while she napped on the couch. When it was finished, I took it out and then walked Amber. While I was waiting for it to cook, I ate a couple of cheese crackers and drank a little lactose free 2% milk and started to feel sick when I came back from the walk. I told my Mom to go ahead and eat and then wrap up the leftovers and stick them in the fridge. I came upstairs to my room and got in bed. Asleep by 9. Not like me at all! I’m not allowed to get sick. Pray hard! The only 2 jobs I have left his week are today and tomorrow so I can’t get sick! I still don’t feel that great but not sick (yet).

My foot was killing me last night too and I only had 6500 steps for the day. It felt like I ran a marathon on it though. I go back to the podiatrist on Monday so he can look at it. Maybe there’s an issue with the inserts? Who knows. It doesn’t hurt this morning and today is cardio day so I guess I’ll use the bike again. I don’t want my feet to hurt.

I am taking the couple to their audiologist again today to get hearing aids fitted. The husband was joking at dinner Tuesday night how if he doesn’t want to listen to his caregiver, he will just turn it off. Wow dude. I know she thinks it’s her way or the highway but you’re just going to tune her out completely? Wow. People crack me up. My mom forgot to put hers on yesterday and every time I spoke to her, I had to yell.

I lost 2.6 pounds!!! I think I have my weight figured out. I weigh one amount. The next week I gain .2 to .4, the next week I gain another.2 to .4, then I drop over 2 pounds. Fun when you are trying to lose weight, let me tell you. 🙄 Today I am 209. Only 10 pounds until I am in what people call Onederland. That’s not far away hopefully! And 209 means I need to lose 34 more pounds total. How exciting!!!

I went over my calories by a few yesterday since I just popped a few cheese cubes instead of eating the fish I cooked.

It looks fine to me! What do you think of going over your goal by 16 calories?

That’s it for today. I may work on the pantry a bit more. Nothing much else! Have a good day. I’m sure I will when I get a free moment.

Doctor day

Well, my son is going to the doctor today. I think he’s pretty much better. Before bed, his temperature was 99.7 so almost normal. Yay! I hope he’s good this morning. We just need that silly doctors note for school so his absences are excused. I just hope his temperature is normal when he wakes up this morning. Then the doctor will say he can go to school today and I will have to remind them the school rules to have him go back tomorrow. Seeing these children die from the flu had me scared. My son is okay with me here though. I’ve been checking on him frequently and making sure he’s hydrated and fever not going up too high. I told him from now on, he needs to make sure he washes his hands when he leaves the gym no matter what as well as washing his hands after every other encounter with friends or adults. Not being able to get the flu shot (allergies) can be sucky but we can stay healthy!

Dinner with the couple: Well, they just rescheduled their doctors appointment so their daughter can go with them. Oookkkk. Then we headed out to dinner. We went to a French restaurant here that I had driven by dozens of times but had never noticed it. My Mom would love this place as they ha roosters everywhere as decoration .Escargot for the husband and some avocado appetizer for the wife.

The cheapest thing on the menu was chicken so that’s what I had, it was $21! And it wasn’t that great in my opinion although the green beans were divine. The husband had veal – and the wife had duck. They both enjoyed theirs. No dessert and no bottle of wine, they both just had a glass of Pinot noir.

When I dropped them back home, I changed my clothes there thinking I would go straight to the gym. Never goes according to plan. I had to stop by my house to drop my food off to my mom and grab a bottle of water. And of course Amber begged me to take her out so I did that too. My mom liked the food so that’s good.

Off to do cardio at the gym! I ended up riding the stationary bike for 30 minutes and something in my side started to hurt which is why I stopped. I thought it was gone but when I sat down on my low commode this morning, it hurt again. I will skip my abdominal machines today to give myself time to heal.

My heart rate was good and I burned a good amount of calories in those 30 minutes as well. I only went over my calories by 2 so I am happy about those numbers yet again.

Today is strength training day again. I am starting to look forward to these days. Also, the gym was pretty empty last night. I got a parking space by the door and nobody was using the bikes. I may wait to go tonight until after I take Mr. 95 year old to dinner. I enjoyed that immensely.

It’s about 7am and my mother is starting her laundry right outside my bedroom so I guess it’s time for me to get up and moving. Have a great hump day!

It’s only 8am???

My alarm went off at 5:30. Cue turning it off and rolling over. My 2nd alarm went off at 6. Okay, fine. I’ll get up. Took son to school at 7 and came home. Took Amber on a long walk. Came home and ordered my moms coffee and a protein box from Starbucks and she has gone to pick that up. After I placed the order, I pulled up YouTube and picked a beginners morning yoga. 30 minutes later, I am stretched out, sweating my butt off, and crawling back in bed. Not to sleep mind you, I just need to get my heart rate back down before I go take a shower and get ready for work. Here’s the link to what I did this morning. Please feel free to try it out and see if you sweat as much as I did!

I’m still waiting on my mom to get home. My protein box has a hard boiled egg, peanut butter, and cheese. It’s my favorite one from there and I have been wanting a hard boiled egg for a while now but am out of eggs at home. Hence the Starbucks box.

I have to be at the couple’s house at 9:30. They have a haircut appointment at 10. Then they have a hearing test appointment at 12. Then they need groceries and probably the bank. So it’s going to be a long day. Plus the 2.5 hours I was with them Tuesday evening. I did not call to check on the husband yesterday so I am hoping he’s okay today. I’m sure I would have heard if he isn’t, right?

I am going to the gym later to do the weight machines. I didn’t do much yesterday. I walked a bit, did a nighttime yoga thing on YouTube, and my lunch with B will be another post.

Yay, she’s back! Breakfast! Have a great day guys!