Icy conditions

So I’m at home, safe and warm. I haven’t left the house at all today except to take the dog out to do her thing. I just went out to wrap the pipes and my fingers were frozen inside my gloves ๐Ÿงค in just a few minutes!

I bet I will have to start small again by the time Houston reopens here on Thursday at the gym. I can’t wait to go though! My gym closed as well as most of the city. The crazy people out there driving could actually be people that were made to go into their jobs today and are trying to get home. My job would have told me to, yet another reason I am SO glad I run my own business and don’t have a boss telling me (this actually has happened in a flooding situation) that I will be written up and possibly fired if I don’t go to work (I didn’t go either and the city ended up closing so they couldn’t do anything to me).

I keep taking screenshots from ABC13KTRK here in Houston. I see that Louisiana is having the same problems so I’m glad Todd isn’t down here right now dealing with this and for my friends in Louisiana, I feel you!

We will get down to 19 tonight (see the wind chill temperature in the picture above) and therefore all of our streets will be frozen over as it has been sleeting and snowing all day. This hasn’t happened here in 22 years according to the news. 22 years!!! I don’t remember what I was doing when I was 22 but if it was like this, I was probably at home. My sons school district had cancelled school today and they are discussing if they should tomorrow. If they don’t, I bet they don’t have many kids there anyway. I know I’m not driving on the roads until it’s been above freezing for a day.

I cannot take Cranky to her appointment tomorrow either. I will reschedule that and I hope it doesn’t take too long to get her back in to see that doctor. Her caregiver called me because Cranky didn’t believe her that it was snowing and nobody should be outside. Umm, really??? Turn on the news. She did although I doubt Cranky believes it. She said it’s all silly and people should just be more careful and get to work. ๐Ÿ˜‚

If you happen to be here or near here, please be careful! I don’t even want to walk the dog after dark since I won’t be able to see the ice anymore. Hugs! ๐Ÿค—

Houston today

This is right now and it’s getting colder instead of warming up today so I’m not leaving my nice warm house.

My crazy mother just drove to get her daily Starbucks and said it wasn’t too bad. That’s because the ground hasn’t frozen yet, duh!

Just sharing stats for last week ๐Ÿ˜€

I logged into my weights app and it gave me my past week and then I logged into my calorie counter and it gave me my past weeks stats so I wanted to share. I’m pretty happy!

Everything here is starting to close down for the next day or 2 because it MIGHT snow and ice. Wow. Okay, so it’s may get down into the teens for weather and it may snow โ„๏ธ. I think that’s great, then again, I have lived in Colorado and know how to drive in it. Most Houstonians don’t!

No school, my moms job closed, I am going to see Forgetful in the morning but then I’m coming home. No going out in all this for me! I’ll stay at home and suffer inside instead of being a statistic of accidents because someone decided to go out that doesn’t know how to drive in it.

Y’all stay warm and safe!

Feeling better today!

So I ate some rice for dinner and took 2 NyQuil with a little milk. About 20 minutes later, I threw half of everything up including the NyQuil so I took 2 more and went to bed feeling like utter crap.

Styled called me at 1:30am TWICE (I didn’t answer the first time) and asked if I was coming. I told her the time and that I would see her this morning if she would let me go back to sleep and hung up on her. She mentioned something about her clock is all screwed up and yes, obviously it is! I didn’t really hang up on her but I got off the phone as soon as I could (like 10 seconds).

So I woke up at 6:30am feeling much better. I came downstairs to smoke and my son is sleeping on the couch by the front door. What’s up with that? I don’t have the heart to wake him though to ask him.

With all that sunlight coming in already, I figure he’ll wake up soon anyway.

So I will wash my hair this morning and go get Styled to take her to the podiatrist and then go see Forgetful. Forgetful called me over the weekend asking if I would take her to buy makeup. I guess I know what I’m doing this afternoon! Cranky’s son still hasn’t paid me for the first week of the month and I’m waiting for him to pay the 2 weeks he now owes. I’m supposed to take her to a doctor on Wednesday and not sure if I want to if he hasn’t paid me for the past 2 weeks! He’s on vacation in Hawaii right now so maybe I could let him wait until he gets home. Naw. He needs to pay me. I don’t want to get behind. My son has gone over there twice and yesterday he tried to teach Cranky to play UNO but she said she didn’t like that game and wanted to read her paper. Umm, okay. So we left. At least he went.

Speaking of, I have grounded my son because of his actions the other night. No electronics other than his phone (because I have to work and need to be able to get a hold of him) and he has to go see Cranky daily for an hour. Yesterday he also had to help with dishes and go outside to help me pick up neighborhood trash off our street. He also wrote a 2 page letter stating what he did wrong, why it was wrong, and why he will never do it again. He did it all. He will be really good while he’s grounded and as soon as he’s not grounded, he will go right back to doing everything he was before. I’m sure of this. He wanted to go to a friends house today and I told him no because he’s grounded. He was a bit upset by that. Sorry kiddo, you did the crime, you gotta do your time.

My son also completely stopped up our commode the other day! I don’t know if it was too much paper or too much poop but I cannot fix it and have flooded my bathroom 3 times now trying. I plunged it so much my arms hurt and even went to Walmart to buy a snake and that didn’t even work! So before I called an expensive plumber, I called The Godfather. He said let him come look at it before I call a plumber. Thank God! I’m pretty sure he can fix it too.

So it has sucked having to either use my moms bathroom in her room or go downstairs to use the bathroom for the past 2 days. Even my sons friends had to go downstairs. I bet they didn’t like that at all!

I’m going to take one more day off exercising to make sure I’m healthy and not push myself too much. I didn’t feel like eating yesterday and only had about 1500 calories all day but I did eat.

I think that’s it. It seems like plenty! It’s a school holiday here, and so I won’t wake up my son. I will wake him before I leave for work so he can let his Godfather in to fix the bathroom. My mom is working today too so my son will be alone. I doubt he will keep himself grounded. I know I never did when left alone!

Exercise question

I was going to just update my other post but then I thought – this needs to be on its own.

I’ve been working hard. I’ve been trying to let my foot heal and even joined a gym which I never thought I would do.

I started using the weight machines – I never thought I would do that either!

When the lady finally got here, picked up the doors and left, I got to go to the gym. I changed my clothes as fast as I could and ran out the door.

I forgot my ID to check in at the gym, I forgot my headphones, and obviously my sanity as well.

I started to do arms which I had only done once this week on Tuesday. After the first 3 exercises, my arms ached badly. I tried to do a couple more machines but I hurt so I quit finally after using 4 machines and only 2 sets of 12 per machine. Then I went to the bikes. I got on my standard one and started riding. After 10 minutes, my back hurt so bad that I moved to a recumbent bike. After 10 minutes of that, I just quit and went home. I hurt all over and wasn’t prepared, and so yeah. I left.

Do you guys have days like that? Is it only because I didn’t have my music to listen to?

This is why I’m taking today off. I thought maybe I need it. Please let me know your thoughts on this!