I’m loving my time!

It’s nice not having my mother around for a day. She will be back today though. I need to get my cookies finished this morning because if I don’t, I may not have another quiet chance.

Everyone loved the cookies yesterday and asked me to bring the others when I make them. I took those pictures to prove that I made them and didn’t buy them. Sad but it’s what you have to do when your cookies look so great. πŸ˜‚ I took some to Cranky too. She got all excited and told her caregiver to give her one now with coffee. I asked her if she wanted to say please and she rolled her eyes and said “Please πŸ™„” It was funny the way she did it. I took one for each caregiver too. I hope they both like it!

Again, all I have today is Forgetful. It’s been SUCH a slow week! I will maybe make $200 this week. So sad 😞. Oh well. My bills are paid and we have food and that’s what counts! Forgetful and I are going out to lunch and then going to buy her step son and grandkids Christmas presents. I hope she has fun. She doesn’t want to do gift cards. She wants to go pick out something for each person. Eek!

I did way too well on exercise yesterday. I went out and walked a mile down the road and then walked back. I’m still sore so I will probably put off my exercise until later today but I will do it again. I’m on a mission to hit every daily goal every day this week. I know I can do it, I just need the motivation!

Since my mom kept having a fit about me walking outside in a black sweater, I ordered a red raincoat. I haven’t owned an actual raincoat in years. I usually use an umbrella. It came yesterday and The North Face opinion of red seems to be more orange. That’s okay. I like orange, I just really wanted red and had ordered red. Whatever. It’s nice. Lots of pockets inside and out and it’s warm. I’m glad I ordered a size larger too because this just fits me. That’s the problem I have with ordering online. You never know if it’s going to fit until you get it and try it on.

It’s 6:30am. My son and animals have been fed and I’ve played my phone games for the morning. I guess I should get dressed to take him to school and then come home and bake more. Then to shower and leave for the one job.

It is Thursday morning

I woke up at 4:20. And no, I don’t smoke the good stuff so why was I up at exactly that time??? I haven’t gone back to sleep. I caught up on my reading on WordPress and waiting for my mother to wake up to see if she’s actually going today. It would be nice!

Yesterday was good. You guys saw I got my nails done and I took Forgetful to her hair guy. He rolled his eyes so much at me whenever she repeated a question that I thought he would stay like that. And poor guy has shingles! He had it covered with some kind of cream, I hope that keeps anyone else from getting it. I don’t know if shingles is catching anyway. But she was in a good mood and we are going shopping for Christmas presents for her family tomorrow and lunch at her suggestion. Her step daughter in law told me what the grandkids (her kids) wanted although didn’t say what she wanted! Oh well. I told Forgetful that she should probably go with gift cards so people can get their own stuff and won’t be disappointed. She told me she got them this huge thing of different kinds of dinner rolls last year and it didn’t go over well. Umm, yeah, I’d feel the same! NO, I didn’t actually tell her that!

So I tried to fix my commode by myself yesterday. It’s just the arm that broke. That should be easy. NOT. I took out the old bar and handle but the nut in the tank is so corroded that I was actually trying to saw it off with a handsaw. I couldn’t do it. My son couldn’t do it. I couldn’t pull out the little pieces. I even chipped my damn toilet trying! So I called The Godfather and he’s coming this morning to fix it. I feel bad. I was trying to do it myself without having to call for help. I should have been able to. And I’m trying to save money too! At least The Godfather won’t be as expensive as calling a plumber! Maybe I should have him check the drip on the washer while he’s here. Hmmm…

Also, some guys are coming over here today to connect cable all over the house since Xfinity said they can’t do it for liability reasons. So it’s a day filled with strange men in the house! Then I have to go see Forgetful and then try to make cookies if I feel up to it. I hope so!

Exercise yesterday was really good. When I got home around 4, I went out for a 30 minute walk. 20 fast walking and 10 at a slower pace. So I had my exercise done before 5pm. That was nice. And my mother was happy because I wasn’t walking outside wearing my black sweater at night. She thinks nobody can see me and I think I’m so damn pasty that everyone can see me! I would probably be a bit more noticeable if I still dyed my hair blond but I’m not going back to that! Too much time and money that’s just not me anymore. Plus my son and I walked around the block after dinner to just have a chat and for me to finish off my 10,000 steps for the day. So I was thinking that today I will try and get my walk in before my son gets home from school. Wouldn’t that be nice? Be able to just hang out with him? I hope he’s willing to walk with me again this evening too. I enjoyed that and I think he needs to go out more too. He may just be doing it because Christmas is 11 days away and he wants presents but he’s going to have to keep it up after Christmas too!

I hope you all have a wonderful day. Some of you are about to go to sleep and some are like me just waking up. It’s 5:41am and I’m going to get my day started!

I did it!

I did what I said I would do! The issue I have now is I gained 2 pounds. How did that happen? Hopefully it’s like a gain before you lose thing because I had dropped 4 and now gained 2. Not cool.

I believe my mother is getting sick of us now. Yesterday I asked her to pick up my son at school since it was 36 degrees. She did. When she picked him up, she told him “we are going to discount tire”. He asked if she would drop him off on the way and not even having to turn down our street, he would walk from the main road. She refused and drove on. He called me and asked when I was getting off work. Since I just had left the couple, I said I can come get you since the couple lives 3 minutes from discount tire. I start driving there because who knows how long it will take her. It took me 3 hours when I went! I get there and pick up my son with no grandma in sight. I asked him where she was and he said, “Oh. She left.” HUH? She left my child at a store by himself on a busy street???? Thankfully she had only left a minute before I picked him up and we passed her on our way home and we even beat her here (I know shortcuts). You do not leave a child, he may be 12 and 5’8 but still a child, alone! So I’m pissed at her and she’s pissed at his attitude and pissed that I was willing to pick him up. Oh my GOD mother! So my son told me last night that no matter what the weather, if I can’t pick him up due to work, he’s going to walk with other kids from school. I don’t blame him! She asked me why I picked him up and I asked her in return why did you just leave him there. No answer to that one! He did get to see the gun range where I got the membership and he’s happy it’s close by and now can’t wait to go.

Yesterday I went to my appointment at the breast examination place. I was there in July for my mammogram and got sent a letter stating they need more tests. No specifics, just that. So after being scared and nervous (I mentioned it in a post way back then I think), I finally went back. They did different pictures yesterday and then an ultrasound. I was there almost 2 hours. After the ultrasound, they had me sit and wait for the doctor. He walks in, sits down, looks at me, and says, “You do not have breast cancer. You have a mole under your skin that confused the test reader and required you to have these extra tests.” THANK YOU GOD! I’m safe for another year. He told me since I was here this month, I don’t need another test until next December. Woo hoo!

Then I took Forgetful to pick up cat food and go to Whole Foods for lunch. We all ate at their salad bar. I guess she and her caregiver didn’t understand what I meant by the cost goes by the weight of your container because their lunch was so stuffed full, they both took half home and their meals were $11 and $13! Crazy! My little salad was $5.70. Oh well. I know I will get paid back from her kid, I just hate spending like that. I always watch what I get at places like salad bars because I know they will weigh it and charge. Whatever. πŸ™„

Then I took the husband from the couple out on errands. I’m glad I did him last because I had a feeling he wanted to go multiple places. First the pharmacy. Drive through, that’s fine. Then the fresh food place. $320 spent there on foods that you probably already have at home but whatever, he bought me a chocolate walnut cookie so I was excited. Then by the bank and then the grocery store where you had 4 things on your list but you spent over $300 including 6 bottles of wine. Okay. That was 3 hours total but since he had overpaid me last time, he only paid me for 2 yesterday. I hate when he does that. I deal with it though, like usual. No tip from them lately either, I guess the cookie was my tip. πŸ˜‚

Today I have Styled to go get her hair and nails done and then Forgetful. That’s it today for work. I will come home to meet Xfinity because our internet went out last night and never came back. I called them last night and they said according to their system, it has been acting up going off on its own for 2 months and they would come out and get it fixed today. That’s amazing. The next day??? Usually it’s a week! AND the lady on the phone gave my mom a $25 credit for the hassle. I’m amazed. At my old place, I could never get a technician to come out before a week had gone by and then they would charge me. Maybe it’s because my mom is “elderly?” She’s not but her age sounds like it plus the fact that I called it in for her. Who knows but I’m happy with their service for once!

That’s my day in a nutshell. Not too bad. I just hope it goes to plan. For once in my life. So probably not. Have a great day!

Not good yesterday πŸ˜

I ate too much and didn’t get any exercise at all! I meant to. It was really cold and wet though and I couldn’t go out to walk. The news said we had a possibility of snow overnight. Yeah right. 1. It’s not even close to 32 degrees. 2. Houston? Snow? πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ Yeah right! 3. I was WRONG!!!! It snowed! I actually went out in it to take a picture and video to prove it actually was snowing in Houston!!!

On the plus side, I did make 200 posts already! Woo hoo! Over 300 follows and 200 posts? Wow. Seriously guys, I never thought I would keep up with a blog and really never thought anyone would want to read it! Thank you so much! I love your thoughts and the likes. You guys are awesome!

So I took my son in to the dentist. He had 1 cavity. The dentist pulled his remaining 4 baby teeth too using laughing gas. He didn’t like the numbing shot but didn’t complain much at all until the orthodontist took forever to get in to us. So come to find out, his jaw is too small and they have to expand it before they can put braces on him. They took an impression of his top teeth and we have to go back next month to have the expander thing put in his mouth. I will have to turn it daily for 2 weeks and then we go in and get his braces on. This does not sound like fun! Plus not only does he have an overbite, his bite is sideways. They are going to have to fix all of that! In order to write it all off on my taxes, I paid for it so I don’t have to deal with that anymore. All we have to do now is go in and get it all done. So I’m WAY broke now but as long as he takes care of his teeth, he will have great teeth as he gets older which is good.

I tell my mom all this last night and she tells me about her family and how they all had small jaws and it made me laugh since I’M ADOPTED and her family has nothing to do with my kids mouth! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

I swear I will be back on track today. I have to. If it’s still cold and wet, I will have to go to the gym. Yuck but if I have to, I have to. I kind of missed my walk last night.

I have my breast ultrasound at 8:45 this morning, then 2 jobs if the roads are safe. The snow wasn’t sticking to the ground when I went out but that doesn’t mean it won’t be like that this morning. Sleepy’s son text me tonight asking if I was available tomorrow for a final Friday. Really??? I told you last Friday that I had to give you notice and you never answered me! So I booked other clients. So I actually told him that “since I never heard back from you, I booked other people”. He never answered. What a dumb ass. I’m glad to be done with him. I like her though! It’s not her fault he can’t do anything right! If you don’t communicate, I can’t help you though.

I watched Tropic Thunder last night too as well as Sing and Mauna. I still love kids movies even though my son doesn’t. Tropic Thunder was a bit stupid. That didn’t surprise me though. That’s why I never saw it before.

Y’all have a good day!


Yes. This exercise watch is ridiculous. Okay, okay, it’s not the watch – but I’m frustrated with these steps yesterday!

I went out and did a 20 minute, 3.5 miles per hour walk last night and I didn’t even get near the 10,000 step mark??? I still needed 2,000 steps! And this is AFTER walking around all day while working and going out with my mom. I did stay outside walking to make sure I got my steps in.

I did get an award off my watch for doing 8 straight days of hitting all of my goals last night after I stayed out and made sure I got my steps in. I am really proud of that. I don’t think I have done this much work to better myself in forever! Literally! I’ve always been the one to work out a day, take a day off, work out a day or two, take more days off, take a cheat day on my diet plan, etc. Now I’ve gone 8 days straight.

There are 2 crackers left. Out of the 75 I made. Seriously. They are THAT tasty. I looked at what I had eaten in my log and realized my mother ate most of them. Okay Mom, I guess I shouldn’t have introduced you to those. They would have lasted me a week. That’s okay. That’s why I cook, so she will have something good to eat.

She and I had a serious talk yesterday (she was stuck riding around with me in my car for an hour) about what issues she has medically and what she’s been tested for at her doctors office. I want her to take the dementia test. Now she thinks that I think she’s crazy. Good lord mother. I just want to make sure you’re okay! I’m very glad I’ve been making diabetic friendly foods since she finally admitted to me that she’s diabetic and doesn’t check her blood sugar or control what she’s eating. She says if it’s her time, she’s fine to go be with my dad again. Umm, oookkkkaaaayyyy. I swear. If I could smack her upside the head I would. I’ll just keep cooking healthy stuff and she can keep thinking it’s normal food. I will cut out a lot of bread too (like not buying it, telling her the burger I made is steak (yeah right). This is making me nuts. She’s an adult though and I can’t make or force her to take better care of herself. All I can do is be here for her and cook healthy.

My son decided to go to school in shorts in our 40 degree weather yesterday too. And since it was raining, I picked him up to go home instead of the walking he usually does. All he had was a sweater too! It’s supposed to rain today as well but I’m picking him up early because he has a dentist appointment for a cleaning and then he will meet with the orthodontist about braces. I got a discount card that is supposed to save me $3,000 on his braces too so yay! It cost me $112 for both of us to be covered by it but since I need to go in and have my dentures checked anyway every 6 months, why not? This makes cleanings all free and discounts on everything else. It’s called My Smile Dental Plan. I used it when I got my dentures and saved almost $10,000 plus now with the savings on braces, I think it’s totally worth the money!

That’s it today. I will go see Forgetful and then pick my son up at school. He is going to the dentist to get told all about braces and what they will be doing plus a cleaning. Have a great day!

I’m up! I promise!

We overslept yesterday, oops. Still got my son to school on time though so yay me. I didn’t get to shower before The Godfather came over so I had to wait until he was done fixing my toilet paper holder to get in the shower and he didn’t do that until he did the chandelier on the stairs. πŸ™„ But I finally got to shower and he pulled the wreath for Forgetful out of the attic so I’m happy. He had to take this pull out drawer home with him to cut it so he’s coming back this morning to finish up. My mom wanted her printer to be on a pull out drawer so she could fit a shelf above the printer and still be able to open the scanner part. Not a bad idea. She also thought she had holes in her tv area and wanted the cords in them but there are no holes so he has to come bring tools to do that for her too.

I took said wreath to Forgetful and hung it on her door. I will have to take a picture of it later today. I think it’s ugly but she said she liked it. Okey dokey then! We had lunch (she ate, I drank water) and I left to go shopping for my mom again.

My mom wanted me to go to Dick’s and get her an World Series Astros shirt that says H-town on it. The shirts are already half price so I got her a blue one and an orange one. She’s happy with them so goody!

I don’t feel like I got enough exercise yesterday either. Don’t get me wrong, I pushed myself just enough and got my 10,000 steps. The back of my thighs were killing me all day and I was tired. I think it was going up and down all the stairs! I also forgot to eat breakfast so while I was out shopping for my mom, I stopped and got a taco. It was so good!!! Not good to miss breakfast, but worth saving a few extra calories to eat out. And it wasn’t a fast food taco, I went to a restaurant and sat at the bar for my taco. Yummy! I didn’t hit anywhere near my calorie goal either. Maybe I need to eat more. I had 560 calories left last night when I went to bed. I even took my time and ate some peanut butter crackers to add calories!

So today I am going to see Miss Priss! She called me on Sunday (I am off on Sundays people – please don’t call me!) and asked if I could take her today. Sure. She wants me to pick her up at 9am even though stores she wants to go to don’t open until 10. That’s fine with me. I will take that extra hour of pay!

I will see Forgetful at lunchtime. Then to visit Cranky. I am trying to check on her more because I believe the caregivers need an hour of talking to someone else and I do like checking on her and seeing what’s going on over there (plus I love her view).

That’s it! I hope you guys are enjoying my black and white photos in my other daily post. I bet you can guess what today’s is. It is my view of my downtown city from where I live. I gotta get moving so I can take my son to school on time today and get back here for The Godfather before work!

You’re killing me Smalls!

Okay, yes, I stole that line from a movie although I cannot for the life of me remember what movie it is!

That Body Pump class. OH MY GOD. I thought I was dying! My neighbor and I did the elliptical machine for 3 minutes (that killed my knees) and the treadmill for 10 before walking downstairs to the class. First off, it’s not hand weights, it’s a barbell! So you have the weight of the bar plus the weight of the weights you add to it!

And you have to hold it on the back of your neck for some of the exercises! That hurt so bad so I did those particular exercises without the bar. I also skipped out of push ups (I just can’t do them with bad knees). Otherwise, I did everything she asked! I started out with 5 pound weights but after a while, switched them out with 2.5 pound weights. That was the only way I was able to do the entire 55 minute class. I’m proud of myself and I am SURE I will hurt in the morning! When the class was over, I checked and saw I only had 8,000 steps for the day. Eek! Even though I did the class, I wanted my 10,000 steps for the day too. So I walked the dog. And I walked her again. I went above and beyond once again so I’m feeling pretty good!

I can’t sleep which sucks since I have to be up at 6. It may be because I was feeling good earlier and was dancing around my room for like 15 minutes so maybe I just need a bit more relaxing time in order to go to sleep.

I got my Bluetooth headphones today and they are SO cool! They stay in my ears, they have great sound, and they came with a carrying case and a car charger. Totally worth the $20 spent.

All I have to do tomorrow is go see Forgetful so it will be a good slow day. The Godfather is coming over bright and early to help my mom install her new lamps and even get on a ladder on her stairs to change lightbulbs on her chandelier. She also had a friend of mine come clean the carpets today. Let me tell you, my mom had stains from my dad’s bladder cancer surgery drainage bags on her carpet (sorry for the TMI) and my friend got those out in like ONE minute! He went above and beyond and did all 3 bedrooms, the upstairs hallway, and the stairs for $100. He is awesome! He won’t allow me to put his name down for fear the company he works for will freak out so I won’t. He’s really good at his job though!

I would have gone to sleep at 10 but my ex husband called to let me know he’s moving in with some weird girl and her husband. I have met the girl a few times and have no intention of ever meeting her husband. And if my ex thinks my son is going near them, HA! He was telling me that he will start paying child support soon because they are going to charge him very little to rent out a room at their house. Good luck with that dude! I seriously doubt he will pay anything either. He has never paid on his own. The only time I ever got anything was when his job pulled it out before paying him. That was years ago too. We shall see. Maybe he will shock me.

Anyway, time for me to go to bed. To all of my friends reading this that have just started your Monday, have a great day and to us over here, go to sleep already! Why are you still awake???